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NBA2K14 Xbox One Z Parks With @KiiNGxDooMs Z Dunking Dunking!
Inside the FWPD: Request public's help - serial robbery suspect
Jake Johnson's post on Vine - Paul George just broke his leg...... What?! - Jake Johnson's post on Vine
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@kendalljenner @kyliejenner whos your daddy
@GuardianNewEast (originally tweeted by the Russian deputy PM @Rogozin
Season Here!! #NWH #SeniorYEAR #JustWaitonIt #Eeeerrooooo #TCUSTRONG 🏉💯💯
Hurt my stomach the moment I heard the news! I didnt want to believe it. Man I need u out there bro! Get well and have a speedy recovery PG24! #DamnIt #YoungKing #StriveForGreatness
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RT @TepidP: Whoa. Brandon Finnegan was pitching for TCU a couple months ago, now he's apparently been promoted to AA NW Arkansas.

Fort Worth, TX

RT @the109fw: Proposed TCU overlay may reduce number of unrelated occupants per single-family home from five to three.

Fort Worth, Texas

Are you a student at TCU? If yes, go follow @TCUstudentsect! #HellsHalfAcre #GoFrogs

Fort Worth, TX

I don't know if I'm more excited for TCU football or TCU girls #GoFrogs

Fort Worth, TX

“@CoachUW: Purchased this TCU print at PORTFOLIO on Camp Bowie. @TCUCoachP @KennyPerry8 @ZarnellFitch @_delconte”????????

Fort Worth, TX

I hope you get lonely tonighttt


When you show up for work a hour early and it's not worth the gas to drive back home <<<