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RT @edhyndman: "Andi, you'll always be sloppy seconds to baseball." - Josh #TheBachelorette

Franklin, TN USA

I don’t watch The Bachelor/ette, but I always watch after the finale. Is this as awkward as it seems or did I miss something this season?

Franklin, TN

RT @richfroning: Can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support that has been given to me not only over this…

Franklin, TN

SOS#JohnKerry couldn't negotiate a #Truce between #ElmerFudd+#Bugs Bunny, or #Tom+#Jerry. So why is he USA's SOS? Another Loser!

Franklin, TN

"@angelpagsinuhin: Kapag di sumama ang isa, di na sasama ang lahat! #GalaMoments101" @Danielluuuuuuuh

Franklin, Tennessee

When your team is good and sticks together and develops - you don't have 35 schollys to offer. You are selecting a few good men. #AnchorDown

Franklin, TN

I'm one of the few people in Nashville who can't sing but I made up this tune one night when Missy…

Franklin, TN

Back to almost-human status after raging sinus infection. Now I'm just my normal grumpy self rather than my alter ego.


RT @nvmcaniff: Woah the phones???? Taylor had grown up☺️ @taylorcaniff RT this please guyz!???? #aeronow


They say it's getting better. But if this is the end, then when was the start? They say it's getting better.