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real tears. I love my family. my dad's laugh just ties it all up πŸ˜‚
Him: " I won't be able to come over" Me holding the razor in the shower:
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When Mcdonalds only gives you one sauce
me : im really done with him 
him : come outside 
me :
this just killed all the Arthur Memes hands down 😭
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so apparently north korea declared war on us. but dont worry north korea, we can make them birds

RT @arianasins: when you're laughing at all these North Korea memes but you hear a loud sound outside

Fredericksburg, Virginia

RT @crucifalex: everyone : "idc if north korea kills us lmao" me :

Fredericksburg, Virginia

RT @oshimakesmusic: when u see everyone joking about North Korea declaring war but ur lowkey scared

Fredericksburg, Virginia

RT @modelsekai: I still can't believe north korea really declared war on us I'm lowkey scared but I'm also snickering at the memes

Fredericksburg, Virginia

RT @srichardsonn_: um so about this North Korea stuff .. y'all ain't worried about it ??? 😐

Fredericksburg, Virginia

RT @MadelnCanada: North Korea declares war on the US. Meanwhile, in Canada..

Fredericksburg, VA

RT @IcantSTANyou: So one minute we were just laughin' and chillin', next minute North Korea declares War on the US

Fredericksburg, VA

RT @AnthonyHarp: I wish North Korea would, dawg

Fredericksburg, VA

RT @killminseok: when you're laughing at all the north korea war memes but you lowkey scared

Fredericksburg, VA

RT @Lance210: The only man that can stop North Korea

Fredericksburg, VA