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There’s room to build your business – and your dreams – in Frisco, TX
Criterio Fútbol's post on Vine - El mejor gol de Thierry Henry #Henry #ThierryHenry #Arsenal #Barcelona #FCBarcelona #NYRedBulls #Goal #LongShot #Futbol #Football #Soccer - Criterio Fútbol's post on Vine
Argentina Project
Jacob2Ryan's post on Vine - When your teacher ask if you did your homework #apolloshester inspired by Alex Peacock - Jacob2Ryan's post on Vine
Genband in Galway
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this homecoming proposal>>>>
guess whos back

back again

plutos back

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We turn 2 this October & we’re planning a big celebration! Stay tuned for more details!
Ive wanted to be able to do this my whole life. For all youve worked & sacrificed, you deserve it. Happy B-Day Mom!
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RT @colin_dime: Ebola is in Frisco high school ????????????????????????????????????????????out of everywhere in the USA it is at my EXACT HIGH SCHOOL

Frisco, Texas

I know you can't rewind time but if I could I'd relive the first day I arrived in Frisco, TX all over again and start from there. Lol.

Romulus, MI - Frisco, TX

Dropping out and moving away from frisco #Ebola #NOPE #friscoebola

Frisco, Tx

ARE PEOPLE DUMB? pretty sure the ebola article about being in Frisco is a hoax. You can't even find the URL or the article online

Frisco, TX

I'm at Walker's Cat Herding in Frisco, TX

Dallas, Tx.
















RT @YABOYYDEQUAN: Mom: "Why do you already have 2 Cs, the year barley started" Me: "sometimes in life youre gonna start slow"