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Vine by Bia Jaime - #UFgrad
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Así no hables ingles, el video tiene subtítulos en español. Nuestro objetivo es que este video se haga viral a nivel global y que Venezuela sea tópico a nivel internacional! Por eso debemos difundir, Difundir, y DIFUNDIR este video lo masssss que puedas! No dejemos a nuestros estudiantes solos.

Salvémoslos, un clic a la vez. 



The biggest misconception of the century, 
comes with a heavy prize.

It has been said “that something as small as the flutter of a butterflys wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” What consequence then, will the rise of freedom in Venezuela have on the world?
Many still believe Venezuela is a democracy, but together we can defeat that dangerous misconception. 
Regardless of what political ideology you support, let us come together and stand behind these students, and their noble act of defiance. 

Change your profiles, and please share this video as much as you possibly can. Help share Our Story.

Be our voice.
We need you.



This video was made by students, for students, for AWARENESS purposes only.
We do not own any of the material used to make this video.
Especial thanks to all the amazing composers who allowed us 
to use their music to further spread our message. 

Every track on this video was carefully chosen from more than 
300 different songs. 
The music used for this video has been modified to fit the videos time-frame. 
If you want to hear the musical tracks at their best, we encourage you to visit 
their corresponding composers channel!
The rightful owners of this video may not agree with the content of this video.



"Siege Towers" (No Choir)
"The Last Ember"
"The New Earth" (No Choir)
"Ice of Phoenix"
"Blood and Stone"
"Oedipus Rex" (No Choir)
"Kidney Thief"
"Black Cauldron" 
"Breath and Life"
"Rising Dawn"
"Victory Lap"

Epic Score
"They Hit Without Warning"
"Battle for All Time"

Fesliyan Studios
"Take Down"

Axl Rosenberg
"Into The Wild II"

Sub Pub Music
"Bonebreaker" (Album: Ununpentium) - Composed by Goran Dragas
"Achren’s Fall" (Album: The Cauldron Born) - Composed by Mikkel Heimburger
For licensing requests, please contact:

Ethos Music
"The Battle"

"Kingdom Under Siege"

Keith Merrill

Bianca Ban
"Violent Storm"

Future World Music
"Dream Chasers"
@VaneCarmona @garciabanchs WHAT HAPPENS IN VENEZUELA?
@TusNoticiasVzla @pppenaloza Charla con el Dr. Sosa Azpúrua 21/04/15
Increíble documental sobre Gene Sharp y su increíble obra De la dictadura a la democracia que con su método de 198 pasos ha inspirado la revolución mediante la lucha no violenta en decenas de países durante 50 años.
@1oscarinaUrbaez @OvidioPerezM NOTICIAS RLV-23-04-2015
"@paulpierce34: Drake a fool lol" savage
@1oscarinaUrbaez @OvidioPerezM "BUMERAN CHAVEZ"   El Libro  (Descargalo aqui)
“@GatorGangVids: Gator Swag 🐊” if youre a gator fan and this doesnt get you hyped.... Im at a loss for words
@MICarratu @trafficTACHIRA Programa Miguelito se las Canta 21/04/15


Joshua Worden - vocals, keys, production.
Will Montgomery - drums, bass.
Blctxt - rap.

Produced/tracked/mixed at home by Joshua Worden. Mastered by Paul Lapinski. Video by Christopher Wilkes.

Theres a reason why,
its the unfathomed skies,
the wind in the pine,
the night train cries.

We so tenderly
raise our sweet hands and
hope for the best in
all circumstances.

We walk the cloudy night,
we see by moonlight.
Were slow, we take our time,
paced like the sun rise.

We follow the line,
we see through the lies,
and though were gone in time,
everything is all right.

We so tenderly
raise our sweet hands and
hope for the best of
all circumstances.
There is no right way.
There is no wrong way.
No ears, no eyes,
no body, no mind.

2 halves make a whole, perfection be the goal.
Rarely do we see it we settle for what we know.
Really afraid to grow, really afraid to show, 
the light that shines on the inside, let it glow down the road less traveled unravel your doubt and fear,
reap what you sow when you plant faith in the field of dreams crops cream comes from time you invested,
are you on your own path? Do you have any direction? 
If you aint honest with self, aint no honest results,
dont be scared, break the cycle, watch the pieces melt.
Your futures in your hands, mold it to your liking, 
get a grip, firm stance, build your legacy the highest.
The sky is no limit when you got your own vision, 
if you think it, you can do it but you gotta be committed, and see it through, 
stay true to you and yourn. 
Cross the line that defies everything youre standing for.
Lady Gaga (feat.Kardinal Offishall) - Just Dance (Red One Remix)
Canción venezolana, letra modificada y cantada por usuario de Zello "ColaeGallo" Dedicada al mangazo que le metieron en la cabeza al masburro el 22 de Abril de 2015

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After 1 wk of warning for outdated Flash/Java, #SafeConnect is now blocking. GET HELP:
Here is a quick video tribute to Jameis Winston.
Wilson and Kylie Jo Stern from Hail! Cassius Neptune jam on "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess.

Want more Hail! Cassius Neptune?
The Florida Gator Softball team completed the sweep of Texas A&M with a 9-1 victory in their third game. It was the final regular season home series. The Gators are now 47-4. 16-4 in the SEC. 

Follow the latest in local sports on the ESPN 850 WRUF Facebook page and
This #SubwaySeries belongs to the #Yankees, so do bragging rights. #PinstripePride
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The #Gators will tip the 2015-16 season 11/13 at Navy in the #VeteransClassic at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.


The #Gators will tip the 2015-16 season 11/13 at Navy in the #VeteransClassic at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.