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I'm outta here #Sundance. I know I'm leaving early but if you could all just quit seeing good movies, or at least keep it too yourself. Thx!

Highland Park, CA

THE STRONGEST MAN is an odd and funny little movie that I'd kinda forgotten could be found at #Sundance.

Highland Park, CA

RT @mubiusa: Part 4 of our #sundance retro, THE ORDER OF MYTHS examines American race relations in Alabama http://t.co/4VmjjYUQCk http://t.co/ZE9KaMnWNv

Eagle Rock, CA 90041

RT @moviefantic: The Amina Profile: A fantastic condemnation of failures in journalism, the 24 hour news cycle, and white-savior complexes. #Sundance

Highland Park, Los Angeles

RT @NotoriousJLD: None of the networks would license footage to GOING CLEAR, so they had to fair-use it, Gibney says. Too much of a headache. #Sundance

Highland Park, CA

Seated for my last film of my ridiculously shortened #Sundance: THE STRONGEST MAN. Whattya got @XYZFilms?

Highland Park, CA

RT @WSJ: Keep up with #Sundance film festival with @barbarachai @benfritz and @WSJSpeakeasy http://t.co/L7Zh6cwdNn http://t.co/zUFguu8Puv

Glendale, CA


Vine by Nash Grier - White girls dont close their mouth when they say "Oh My God" Cameron Dallas ????
Heres the @OutfieldMovie. They casted it flipping through Heartthrob magazine. @Nashgrier @CameronDallas @FullScreen http://t.co/QfPO3DjCzY
I was looking at my phone & I heard jack answer a phone call and 2 minutes later I looked up and saw this http://t.co/gjTkYTkOAA
SNOW http://t.co/vryIh3Ry2E
Vine by shotgungrier - Ive never loved someone as much as I loved you Nash Grier, @nashgrier