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Me and the little lad :)
Niall  buscando fotos en su iphone a estas horas... hahhah
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I didn't want to see Knebel and Thompson go. The Tigers needed Soria though.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

RT @jonmorosi: Joakim Soria's agent, Oscar Suarez, told me tonight that Soria is very excited about trade to Detroit; he mentioned having chance to win.

Grand Rapids, MI

RT @Hugeshow: Late night Huge poll: Nathan or Soria as the Tigers closer?

Grand Rapids,Michigan

RT @Matt_Dornbos: @stillerradio @Hugeshow prospects have proved nothing so far. Soria is a proven arm, good trade

Grand Rapids,Michigan

RT @RyanFieldFS1: My man @gabekapler just told me: "I feared Soria more than Mariano". Kapler also says he believes Soria should now be #Tigers closer.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Soria acquisition is clear indictment of Nathan as #Tigers closer. For Dombrowski to say otherwise is disingenuous, false, and inaccurate.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Rangers send Joakim Soria to Tigers -via SportsCenter

Grand Rapids, MI

RT @wxyzdetroit: Bullpen help on the way: @Tigers trade for Rangers closer Joakim Soria.

Grand Rapids

RT @wxyzdetroit: Bullpen help on the way: @Tigers trade for Rangers closer Joakim Soria.

Grand Rapids, MI