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RT @KeeganNYC: If it weren't for the video of #SamDuBose's murder, most American's would completely believe the total lies of Officer Tensing.


RT @davidpodhaskie: A very alarming thing about the #SamDubose case: The lengths to which Tensing's fellow officer went to protect him.

Stoned, NYC

RT @celleblossom: early predictions officer who killed #SamDubose will likely be acquitted by a jury of his peers. Y'all are being played l…

new york

RT @AVAETC: Two minutes to murder. Two minutes. #SamDubose


RT @UzoAduba: Somewhere, a mother longs for her son. #SamDubose

NJ/ New York, NY

RT @UzoAduba: Somewhere, a mother longs for her son. #SamDubose

New York, USA

RT @CNN: An officer was indicted in the shooting of #SamDuBose. Here are latest updates on this story:

New York, NY

RT @djolder: for a cop to lie on paperwork knowing there's video evidence against him means he's functioning in a system set up to protect him #SamDubose


“The officer was wrong, and when we’re wrong, we have to be held accountable.”—Jeffrey Blackwell, Cincinnati, Ohio police chief #SamDubose

New York City

RT @spacehurricanes: Will they also charge and arrest the officer who backed up #RayTensing's fake account of #SamDubose's murder?

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