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Chris's post on Vine - Noah Finch RiFF RAFF #tiptoeinginmyjordans #tiptoe #pony #wack #vinefamous #TurnUp - Chris's post on Vine
Hannah's post on Vine - 😂😂 - Hannah's post on Vine
Castinaa's post on Vine - She ain't have to throw her like that 😩😩 - Castinaa's post on Vine
Marlon Webb's post on Vine - Caillou grows up in the hood w/Chauncey Stubbs #Midnightvinetern IB Jerry Purpdrank - Marlon Webb's post on Vine
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My saddest photo yet. From #ISS we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over #Gaza & #Israel
white girls be like "happy birthday bestfriend"
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There are some perks to being a coach's wife

Huntsville, Alabama

Glow in the dark tshirts are ready for tomorrow night LET'S GO!!

Huntsville, Alabama

The End Result: The Deceiving Illusion of Change via @_BobbyFoster

Huntsville, Alabama, USA

I will never be the good guy and that makes me feel like complete shit

huntsville, alabama

I notice everything....especially petty shit

Huntsville, Alabama

RT @bravebrookie: @HesGonnaMakeIt you're welcome. ????

Huntsville, Alabama

More happies going out! We love back to school!

Huntsville, Alabama

Discover the shocking truth of how US ranks in health care! #truth #wow #healthcare

Huntsville, Alabama

I think I'm going to try nothing but noodles


I still don't know where I wanna eat For Lunch



RT @waff48: A dense fog advisory is in effect until 9am. @LaurenJonesWAFF has details right now on WAFF48 News Today.