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- Vine by Barstool Sports - Coley
Vine by Khoa - What about dogs? #runningmanchallenge
Ted Cruz ends campaign by accidentally hitting, elbowing his wife in the face
"If we win, It's over"
It's official ‼️‼ this Friday we making a movie 🙏 text "glo" to 4047480804 to skip line for free #Glogang x2
Vine by Super Deluxe - Carly Fiorina Gives Ted Cruz a Hand (by Vic Berger IV)
Vine by The Hill - Ted Cruz accidentally hits Heidi in the face
When your controller dies in 2k
😩😪 bro we used snap in Spanish, you was my nigga by heart❤️, don't wanna believe you really gone #FlyHighChris 😪👼🏾
Vine by Khoa - What about dogs? #runningmanchallenge
Make the Diva a QUEEN! Amberlea for prom queen!
Vine by Clint Gregory - When she says she only dates country boys (IB Chris Melberger)
Vine by Mike & Mike - Epic Lightsaber Battle
This person is now one of your two choices for President of the United States of America. Unreal.
FUCK it up bestie 😍 @hardestyoungin
Ted Cruz accidentally punches, elbows his wife in the face after dropping out of the GOP race
Vine by Bleacher Report - Lowry's prayer was answered!
He thinks "As" is a bad word and won't say it 😂😂
when you catch a hoe that doesnt like you staring
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The political revolution wins in Indiana! Thank you.
#Breaking: CNN projects Bernie Sanders will win the Indiana Democratic primary
#DropOutHillary What I hear...
IU mourns passing of former student athlete and U.S. Navy SEAL Charles Keating. Story:
Russian Car Fights And Road Rage Compilation #1
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders is projected winner in the Indiana Democratic primary #Decision2016
Itd be Revenge of the 6th, wouldnt it?
Car Crash Compilation March 2015 (3)
21 Things You Might Not Have Seen In Movies Before...
Crazy Russian Truck Crashes Comp #1
Russian Car Fights And Road Rage Compilation #2
I wonder what hes going to do next.
Truck Accidents Compilation March 2015
CNN spin #HillaryDropOut #DropOutHillary
#BREAKING: Four Lawrence Central students involved in head-on crash at 71st and Shadeland
Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #13 – Black Ice !
$MFST Nice News Today @frontpagestocks @MASSIVEGAINS10 @Clear_Stock @DITRStocks @StockScout1
What a difference a day makes. Carly Fiorina at Indy Airport & no one cares. (Pic: Steve Handelsman) #Election2016
9 Horror Movies With True Origins. I Didnt Want To Believe That #5 Actually Happened
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RT @chelseaadelaine: BREAKING: John Kasich to suspend his campaign and return to the one thing he’s really good at… fruit ninja.

Indianapolis Indiana

RT @JarrodAlonge: Cruz/Rubio/Carson/Kasich/Bush supporters... Are all of you on the Trump Train now? Or are you just sitting this one out? Serious question.


thedailybeast: RT JFKucinich: For the record, most people in Ohio who know Kasich have never seen hug + cry Kasich. Blunt Kasich, yes. Hugs…

Indianapolis, IN

thedailybeast: RT GideonResnick: "God gave me the grace to make people feel safe and comfortable," Kasich says

Indianapolis, IN

MSNBC: John Kasich: "Nobody has ever done more with less in the history of politics."

Indianapolis, IN

IT’S OFFICIAL: Kasich Formally Suspends His Campaign, Only Trump Remains [VIDEO]

Indianapolis, IN

RT @CNN: John Kasich suspends his 2016 presidential campaign

Indianapolis, IN

RT @The_Trump_Train: ❎Perry ❎Walker ❎Jindal ❎Graham ❎Pataki ❎Huckabee ❎Paul ❎Santorum ❎Fiorina ❎Christie ❎Gilmore ❎Bush ❎Carson ❎Rubio ❎Cruz ❎Kasich ✅Trump MAGA

Indianapolis, IN

I honestly think John Kasich is the best republican candidate.

Indianapolis, IN

@thehill No knock on Kasich, but it looks like he's in front of wood paneling on the set of Wayne's World in their parents' basement. :/

Indianapolis, USA




May the fourth be with you, Race Fans! See you in 25 days for the 100th Running of the #Indy500!
@IMS @jdouglas4 addresses first big event to kickoff 100th season @IndyChamber #HispanicBusinessCouncil
Gabby Chavez is hoping to race for 2nd time in the Indy 500. @IMS @IndyChamber @jdouglas4 #HispanicBusinessCouncil
Happening now: Kick off May with @500Festival, @IMS, @IndyEleven and more on Monument Circle
Kicking of @500Festival with @IMS @IndyEleven
Happy to have attended the @IndyChambers Conexion 5 for 500 luncheon. Great kick off to @IMS May Festivities!
Doug Boles from @IMS introducing Stefan Wilson at #ConexionIndy
First time Indy 500 driver Stefan Wilson talks at #HispanicBusinessCouncil @ims l @IndyChamber @rsanchezindy
#DropOutHillary What I hear...
CNN spin #HillaryDropOut #DropOutHillary
@StylishRentals This is my yard sign! #DROPOUTHILLARY
@StylishRentals I bet you cant read this without hearing her voice/inflection. #DropOutHillary
If today is #MayThe4thBeWithYou
#TedCruz #CruzOut #cruzdropout Ted Cruz t-shirts are on the way!
@StylishRentals Itd be Revenge of the 6th, wouldnt it?
Cartoonist Gary @varvel shows us how the #NeverTrump people woke up today.
@indystar @indystar @GovPenceIN @FBIIndianapolis @DrPhil So are these men evil for covering up #sexcrimes? #277Days
#DropOutHillary She needs guns....
Out of the Woods by Sheila Key Thoburn
#MayThe4thBeWithYou No thanks, Ill take the 5th
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#DropOutHillary Even as first lady you came in second
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#DropOutHillary So many flip flops
After @BernieSanders win in #INPrimary, the updated Democratic delegate count @rtv6
The political revolution wins in Indiana! Thank you.