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@hahahaha1807 Buenas Noches

Pacoima, CA

Gonna go to the grandmas in the am so buenas nachos fam

Fullerton, CA

Llegando a casa después de ensayooos! Los amo! Besos de Buenas Noches z z z

México • Los Ángeles

Buenas noches ?

south central LA

Muy buenas noches a todos. https://t.co/M9F7UuJIhd

Jefferson Park, Los Angeles

Creating new music and enjoying the rest of the night. Buenas noches

Los Angeles California
???????????? @Chrissgeovanni https://t.co/Q2rGLMmIgA




Weve got a new way to discover Vines in our iPhone app: you can now swipe left on any post to see more Vines. https://t.co/1Av1mL5kpb


#MTVIsThankfulFor incredible albums from @Adele, @Halsey & @TheWeeknd ???? https://t.co/fojmW5qtoE
HOLY FUCK I CANT BREATHE @halsey MY LOVE ❤️???????? https://t.co/tJeqpDXaVE
#MTVIsThankfulFor incredible albums from @Adele, @Halsey & @TheWeeknd ???? https://t.co/ONckVFT4N6
#ThankYou to the amazing fans that @halsey has. 1 million followers. now on to the next million! https://t.co/tzCTnzDRqQ
Go get the first set of new #ShawnHolidayMerch here guys ! ❤️ https://t.co/APUmzX2HvB https://t.co/wIe38Whxzp


Evolution of Justin Biebers voice https://t.co/WonAZmBFyg
This performance was enough to give anyone the chills ???????????? https://t.co/0yjVkv4CEn
rt to bless someones timeline https://t.co/j5ubiaESJp
Justin Bieber outfits are literally always on point https://t.co/UT4k7tvR3o
I would pay $2,000 for this https://t.co/CmpN6xCu0B
His voice is so perfect tho like can I die now???? ???????????? https://t.co/L4GJCM6lWa
he went from "hello sir, its nice to finally meet you" to "ya daughter calls me daddy too" https://t.co/MAeBb5xgAi
not even sure if life is worth living rn https://t.co/GJI9WBeKCD
SWEET BABY JESUS!! ???????????????? https://t.co/Y2GDaK8atG
can we just take a moment to appreciate justins jawline structure ???????? https://t.co/XPlaGZYET9
Me and my dad https://t.co/BM9HAdsRy0
Evolution of Justin Biebers voice https://t.co/NPYY0LBMba
when ur family is all roasting you at thanksgiving dinner an then ur grandma steps in and says to leave u alone https://t.co/kt2wlxenQs
how is this possible... ???????? https://t.co/RcUUCwYn27
When did this happen https://t.co/DXpQOHc1dT
A wall.. https://t.co/X3bj8FY6al
I have so many questions after watching this https://t.co/0TXDQB6zvi
Last minute papers due, finals coming up, lowkey becomin broke from food & fun, studying but cant focus https://t.co/fkMJrsZrD6
Well I guess Im not the average teenager https://t.co/GV2RODXUxz
"How do you wanna die?" https://t.co/QYc2IPxHAW
When bae looking fine https://t.co/ohxdygnEZ7
this is my favorite blooper ever ???????? https://t.co/a88PaEzw37
I would pay $2,000 for this https://t.co/1CIZkvoTqG
Zayn always looking to the right cause he left https://t.co/oZ8wVIF8Lk
since christmas is coming https://t.co/LxAOUK4fZt
its always you https://t.co/QTUrgUsi1w
I cant wait for this ????????⌛️ https://t.co/ZVRaE6wLh0
NYC during Christmas ???????????? https://t.co/rx8v0kx6PB
Mine is so true https://t.co/VD72DIDGHl
Me in a daily basis https://t.co/r5BQMe8Qt0
Life goals: get my passport tattooed https://t.co/9IF6ivsfUI
in honor of thanksgiving coming up https://t.co/CeLW9gXoNK
Last minute papers due, finals coming up, lowkey becomin broke from food & fun, studying but cant focus https://t.co/lyfRmgjfGE
this is deep https://t.co/U1GgaKatoe
Right in the feels https://t.co/YIbeWNnnu7
When someone says they dont like cats. https://t.co/wEkCrqtvLQ


24 Of The Best Selfie Olympics Photos https://t.co/o5N235QaKn https://t.co/iAkyU93TCC
Me trying to decide what selfie to upload https://t.co/6grrbLbBV1
Cat owner selfie https://t.co/rkcm5wh5bs
Rare selfie???? https://t.co/YZvax3tWyI
Reasons To Check Behind You Before Snapping That Selfie https://t.co/kaMOgeZ559 https://t.co/8Df3yV4rlE
Reasons To Check Behind You Before Snapping That Selfie https://t.co/pihwU6ucZ9 https://t.co/UAs4rV6Drf
*waits till calum and luke take a selfie with halsey* https://t.co/cHwDhQb0dZ
#New | A journalist taking a selfie with the boys + Louis throwing the westside. https://t.co/ZlhoYaFY9T