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How does a group of THIRTEEN police officers fire A HUNDRED AND THIRTY SEVEN shots to kill TWO UNARMED PEOPLE and NONE OF THEM CONVICTED?


Two people UNARMED and you felt the need to get on the hood of the car and shoot through the windshield How many times did you get shot? Oh.


[News] Cleveland Cop Not Guilty In Shooting Unarmed Couple 137 Times #BreloVerdict | via CNN


RT @itstheplug: they fired shots at unarmed ppl trapped in a u not guilty...

Inglewood, CA

It doesn't matter whether it's a bench trial or a jury trial, the verdicts are the same when cops kill unarmed black folk. #BreloVerdict

Los Angeles

RT @Nettaaaaaaaa: Victims* RT @TIME: Cleveland cop acquitted in shooting deaths of 2 unarmed suspects

Lawndale, USA

RT @MichaelEDyson: Two unarmed black people--man and woman--in Cleveland fired on 137 times by cops are essentially blamed for their own de…

South Central LA

RT @lsarsour: 137 shots. Think about it. No one is shooting back because they are unarmed. 137 shots. #BreloVerdict

Ladera Heights

RT @Are0h: Told you. These white people could give a fuck less about justice. They enjoy seeing cops kill unarmed Black folks. They love it.

Lawndale, USA

WTF? "@BreakingNews:officer not guilty of voluntary manslaughter in shooting of 2 unarmed suspects @clevelanddotcom”

South Central Los Angeles