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@LarsB123 @Brecbassinger @trkirsch Joe flipping out, Shawn and Nick's fight, Jared is gone (huzzah!!)...

Los Angeles

RT @BSO: Subway Suspending Contract With Jared While Child Porn Investigation Continues

LA | Gardena, California

Besides Jared, the other thing that annoys me about subway is when you ask for extra black olives they do a little "slight of hand" trick

Los Angeles, CA

If only Jared had directed Chinatown...

Los Angeles

Today has been interesting in news: Jared from subway accused of something gross, Paula Deen still hasn't learned her lesson & Tyga...smh...

Los Angeles, CA

RT @AntDeRosa: Subway suspends relationship with spokesman Jared Fogle after federal agents raid his home - @AP

Inglewood, CA

Subway -- Scrubbing Jared From Website via @TMZ

Inglewood, CA.

Seems Jared's creepy ex- friend, ex CEO of his charity had a habit of hiding the child porn in work files.


no wonder why Jared came into subway the other day, needed to scope out some interns for a new collection


RT @Slate: Home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has been raided by authorities investigating child porn:

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