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what did we do to deserve dogs
when u a puppy and wanna play with everything
Vine by Ben Rohrbach - Eli is FIRED UP!
Vine by Alex Kennedy - Eli Manning is SO EXCITED for his brother, Peyton.
Vine by Harrison Nussbaum - I CAN FEEL IT COMING IN THE AIR TONIGHT #puppyvine #cuteanimals
I don't have classes, I take online classes. @barstoolsports @BarstoolBigCat @notthefakeSVP
Vine by Bergs - Me walking into work this morning 👸💅 #beyonce
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Were starting off this Monday morning with a few flurries. Stay warm out there, Hawkeyes!
Bracket Watch: Iowa surges to No. 1 overall seed (by @MBeller)
.@Bijou and @icfilmscene offer study-abroad scholarship with film series:
Yes, @IowaHoops star Jarrod Uthoff remains No. 1 on Jess Settles #B1G Player Rankings »
A vote for Fran McCaffery is a vote for @UIowaCancer! Vote at   #Hawkeyes
look for the girl with the broken smile
1s: Nova, OU, Iowa, UNC
Last 2 in: FSU, Butler
First 2 out: Vandy, Cincy

Lunardis bracket:
Hawk Talk Daily: Williams Reinvents Herself for Senior Season #Hawkeyes #Until
Feb. 9th: @NBCNews producer @BenPlesser visits @uiowa to discuss covering the civil war in #Syria. Dont miss it —
An example of what happens when you dont use sunscreen. Basal cell. Mildest form of cancer. USE SUNSCREEN PLEASE !!
v4.0 rolling out now, contains a whole host of new features/updates! Check them out here:
The @UofIGoat has been captured!
A Look into my soul right now...but its all good we will be back!
IMPORTANT GOAT UPDATE: @UofIGoat spotted near future Liberty High School over the weekend
A little #MondayMotivation to help get your week started!
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RT @SeanLowe09: Does anyone know if Olivia ever made it off the island? #TheBachelor

Iowa City

RT @BachelorABC: The moment you've been waiting for all season... #TheBachelor ?

Iowa City, IA

RT @PrincessProbz: Two girls got sent home tonight...and a whole lot of prescription psychotic medicine went with them. #TheBachelor

Iowa City

Someone call my mother. I am absolutely ending up alone because no man will ever rise to the standards Ben is setting on #TheBachelor.

Iowa City

RT @BachelorOlivia: When your boyfriend dumps you then leaves you on a stranded island. #TheBachelor

iowa city, ia

RT @marissad415: This preview though #TheBachelor

Iowa City


Iowa City

Go from The Bum to #TheBachelor when you get certified in Project Management! #CareersForUs

Iowa City, IA

Iwant to be #TheBachelor of your circle? get PMP certified and guarantee yourself an 80k salary with SimpliLearn

Iowa City, IA

RT @BachelorOlivia: This date right now #TheBachelor

iowa city