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RT @PabloWeather: Got to LOVE #SoCal Weather. Huntington Beach, on our balcony, snowman or is it Hailman?

Irvine, CA, USA

RT @KPCC: It’s not snow. It’s hail. Storm in Huntington Beach lasts 20 minutes (Photos: Ryan Ikari)

Orange County, CA

RT @ryandecenzo: Snow at the beach in Huntington Beach, CA​! Video by Danii Alyssa. #karatekid #huntingtonbeach #snowballin

Orange County, CA

RT @alschaben: Snow in Huntington Beach

orange county california

RT @JimCastillo5: What the HAIL ? RT @mester_mark: Woah! Check out Huntington Beach Pier covered with snow? @KTLA @JimCastillo5

Orange County California

RT @SURFER_Magazine: Meanwhile in Huntington Beach, it's a snow day!

Orange County CA

Hail storm in cali. At Huntington Beach pier! #calisnowday.

Orange County, CA

Amazing photo from @ChapmanNews; snowman arrived in Huntington Beach following crazy hail storm #HBsnow @ChapmanU

Orange County, CA

RT @alschaben: Surfer stretches in a blanket if hail in Huntington Beach. @latimesphotos hotos

Orange County, CA

RT @Dmar_16: “@PatDoneyNBC5: It's snowing on the sand in Huntington Beach, CA. Never happened in my lifetime.”

Orange County, CA


Frozen precip. Its hail but sure looks like snow. RT"@alschaben: Snow in Huntington Beach”