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Things like this puts a smile on my face😊
Puppies meeting with other animals for the first time
Vine by Derek Tyson - Oh boy. Have at it internet world.
Honoring our injured senior who is out the rest of the season❤️ we love you Derek❤️
Everybunny deserves to be celebrated! Happy #InternationalRabbitDay. 🐰
Nigga created a banger in less than a minute black people truly are amazing bruh
All the feels. #VIN
Our action packed Sunday evenings are still making a splash on the other side of the pond. This time @MrPEC_Tacular wades in on the matter!
Vine by Bleacher Report - Penn State's kicker is unreal!
16 years ago today, Terrell Owens celebrated his TD right on the Cowboys mid-field star logo #Savage
Vine by Derek Tyson - Oh boy. Have at it internet world.
Hillary Clinton for President she said Bill's sexual assault victims, like Gennifer Flowers were 'Bimbo Eruptions'
Donald Trump doesn't see people like Anastasia—he only sees disability.
Jon Stamos is a beast. @dancich @VPHSathletics @ocvarsity #ocvupdates
I wouldn't tolerate anyone talking to my daughter like that, and she wouldn't either.
Brandy meets her idol, Whitney Houston, for the first time. Kids' Choice Awards, 1995.
President Bush tapping President Obama to take a picture #NMAAHC
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An autographed @MikeTrout bat up for grabs? Well toast to that! Retweet this for your chance to win it. #ThisBudsForYou ‌
The first and only time we will ever use these words...

Its time for Dodger Baseball!

#VinScullyDay 🎙
"Dude chill she said Rawr XD to me first i swear bro"
"Ya saludaste?"
#FridayFeeling like... 🙌🦄💃🏽🎮👊🔥💙💛🐜🍴
@UCIeSports Grand Opening!

#UCIeSports #UCIPride #esports #gaming
if anyone was wondering this is my aesthetic easily summed up
**RED FLAG WARNING** from Sunday 12AM  to Monday 3PM PDT for Orange County
Im so stressed this is starting to feel like HACKETT years 😫
Vin Scully. What a legend.
Me: Ive got to stop spending money

Also me:
Zhejiang takes the fourth set, and the Eaters fall 3-1.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! #TogetherWeZot
#FF @CamGirlzs @Natuky85 @sxyselfie @XxDRTYxX @rick702a @lyzmania @pics_your2 @NUDE1SELFIE @SELFIE1NUDE💎💋🎀
Time for awards #protos #hostwithmost #protos2016 #ocprsa
Well miss YOU, #VIN.
#FF @CamGirlzs @Natuky85 @sxyselfie @XxDRTYxX @rick702a @lyzmania @pics_your2 @NUDE1SELFIE @SELFIE1NUDE💎💋🎀
i aint done nothing special, just that 😌
When youre trying to get a 4.0 GPA, work, volunteer, sleep 8 hours, eat 3 meals, exercise, & have a social life but a day is only 24 hours
The NYT Editorial Board endorses Hillary Clinton for president via @nytopinion
Kaepernick came to Oakland, CA. He kneeled on one knee, players laid on their back with hands up during the Anthem.
This small sampling from Ted Cruzs Facebook page is BRUTAL.
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This arena is sick! 400+ Computers #Minecon2016
They got ghasts you can fly! #Minecon #Minecon2016

Should have asked @ohaiiChun how often you have to release updates in order to identify as a modder… damn… #MInecon2016 #missedopportunities

Irvine, CA

Should have asked @ohaiiChun how often updates need to be issued to stay a modded…. #MINECON2016 #missedopportunities

Irvine, CA

Riding some #minecraft horses at #minecon2016 @ Minecon 2016

Orange County, CA

The #creativity at #minecon2016 is out of this world! This is like waking up inside #Minecraft!…

Orange County, CA

The #creativity at #minecon2016 is out of this world! This is like waking up inside #Minecraft!…

Orange County, CA

RT @Mineplex: WE ARE HERE!!!! We are right in the middle of the hall! Find us for tons of fun, merch and giveaways! #Minecon2016

Orange County, CA

I saw @mineplex at #minecon2016! #mineplexpix

Orange County, CA

The founding family of The Open School at #minecon2016 Learning happens everywhere! @ Minecon 2016

Orange County, CA

sethbling demonstrating a new add on at #minecon2016

Orange County, CA

These announcers are horrible. Where is the excitement. You look bored which makes me bored #Minecon2016 #HypixelArena

Orange County, California