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The Russian Connection: Is @RealDonaldTrump Loyal To The United States Of America? #TheCloserGQ Vol.10 Video:
These emotions... You can hear the pain in her voice😢
Obama tears Donald Trump in 40 seconds.
How do you watch this and not see there's a problem. Heartbreaking.
This drummer had a NYC subway station completely turnt to Rihanna's 'Work'. He's incredible.
Jose giving an autograph and letting a young fan give an autograph to him in return.
can young people praying at school go viral instead of violence?!
Pressure busts pipes. They know what we mean when we say BLM. They're just purposely missing the point now.
dude playing dramatic music in the background while Cam'ron arguing with his girl. LEGENDARY 😂
When zone defense goes wrong #AtlantaFX
#ImWithHer #Stamina #TheGreatest
Vine by Bleacher Report - Looks like Steph added another move to his repertoire 👀 (via @Warriors)
Vine by Too_Rob - booty had me like #funny #rising 😂
20 years after Donald bullied a beauty pageant winner for her weight, the real "problem" is...still Donald.
Tim Tebow goes yard on the first pitch he sees as a professional baseball player 😳🔥
They ain't NEVER seen a young rich nigga in Amsterdam LMFAOOOO😂😂😂
A man who bullies and shames a woman for her weight should never become president.
Just letting her know ! Lol 😂😒
I will forever love this 😍
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today i found all the subtweets my roommate has made about me, so i printed them out and hung them up in our dorm ❤
Usa  bien  lo  que  tienes.  #fedogolfRd  #golf  #putter  #hoyo  #swing  #fairway  #RD  #green  #usa  #bien
Lashley se consolida al frente de Los Cinco.
Phelps, Horan, Murray y Del Piero animaron la “Ryder Cup de los famosos” en Hazeltine.
Buenos Días emprendedores dominicanos... Sí se puede!!!
Usa  bien  lo  que  tienes.  #fedogolfRd  #golf  #putter  #hoyo  #swing  #fairway  #RD  #g…
Usa  bien  lo  que  tienes.  #fedogolfRd  #golf  #putter  #hoyo  #swing  #fairway  #RD  #green  #usa  #bien
Francisco Javier asegura R. Dominicana trabaja para un turismo más accesible, sin exclusión.
McIlroy ironiza en la previa de la Ryder: Sería increíble ganar como visitante contra el mejor equipo de la historia
Horario de Amet: que se trabaje el fin de semana enfocados en el cumplimiento de la ley : carta de Abraham Fortuna
Sé disciplinado hoy y mañana serás exitoso. #FelizMartes para todos.
Proindustria imparte taller en técnicas de Control de Inventario.
Encuentro entre la Directiva de AIRD y la Directora General de PROINDUSTRIA, Alma Fernández
Todays Picks: $PSNX $VELA $ONOV $APTY #iRegistered #economy #pennystocks #stocks #gdp #usd #stockmarket
AIRD: El Índice Mensual de Actividad Manufacturera se recupera en agosto.
#DesayunoANJE "Navegando en las Aguas del Sector Empresarial: Visión y Experiencias".
La temática del Desayuno es "Navegando en las Aguas del Sector Empresarial: Visión y Experiencias".
Video: Un desprevenido Tiger Woods es “expulsado” de la foto oficial del equipo de EE.UU. de la Ryder Cup.…
La Directora de Proindustria Alma Fernández participa del #DasayunoAnje junto a @Circealmanzar @Camposdemoya
El discurso central lo expuso el señor Campos de Moya pte. @AIRD_RD "Navegando en las Aguas del Sector Empresarial"
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RT @POTUS: Democracy is not a spectator sport. Don't give up your power to shape the future of the country we love. Vote:

Hoboken, NJ

RT @WithLove_Desi: Waited 18 years to vote, and these are my options

Jersey City

RT @AliyahNicoleS: Why couldn't y'all just vote for bernie

Hoboken, NJ

RT @LizQuenPExers: We vote for #EnriqueGil #LizaSoberano for the 100 most handsome & beautiful faces of 2016 #TBworld2016…

Jersey City, NJ

RT @elongreen: if you want a revolution, even on a small scale, you have to vote. This is so stupid.

Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City residents have mixed reactions to Fulop's stunning decision: "If the choice came up, I would vote for…

Hudson County NJ

RT @Vevo: .@VicMensa knows voting can change Chicago. Here's episode one of our new series, Why I Vote. Register to vote now:…

Hudson County, New Jersey

Oh man, if @katyperry is urging me to get out and vote I better do it. 😅😅😅

=D MIAMI - Hoboken =/

RT @BernieCrats1: Dear northeastern Wisconsin (District 8), Vote Tom Nelson for U.S. Congress.

Hoboken, NJ

RT @iowahawkblog: Trump: if you don't vote me, you're voting her Hillary: if you don't vote me, you're voting him Me: then I guess I'm voting for both of you