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Pearl - Official Trailer
Shah Don- No Way Out
Vine by Julia GallardO OFFICIAL✅ - FINDING UNCLE #richardfarganus on #Instagram b like 😂😂😂 #viralvine
Vine by Julia GallardO OFFICIAL✅ - LIKE IF U WOULD CALL UR BOSS AFTER WINNIG THE LOTTERY 😂😎👍 #ghettoteachers #funnyvines #viralvine
Vine by Julia GallardO OFFICIAL✅ - DAMN WIERDO WAS FOLLOWING ME AROUND 2DAY 😂😂 #OhDontDoit #comedyvine #okay
Vine by Ananth Pandian - Jason Smith with the sweet moves
Vine by Julia GallardO OFFICIAL✅ - 😂😂😎 #ghettoteachers #okay
Vine by Common White Girl - IHOP waitress: "Hi what can I get you today" me:
Grindboys (D.Riven Feat. Young Flizo & Shyce Gwapavelli) "Me & Mines" [Official Music Video]
Commodities Report: March 2, 2015
Vine by Julia GallardO OFFICIAL✅ - 😂😂😂 BABY's 1st WordS #revineThis #LittleEinsteinRemix #littleEinsteins
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"@WeLoveRobDyrdek: She want my eggs, bacon, grits...🍌🍆🌽" LOOOL
“@BestDaiIyVideos: The second one cant be legal 😳”pq on a pas ça ?
“@ohhewantstheP: FINALLY I CAN SEE BOTH COLORS”damm this really worked so weird
Marshawn Lynchs business casual is a little different than everyone elses
ALL DAY (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
This is awesome
Hey @amazon, its time to change Amazon Moms to #AmazonFamilyUS. Every other country has it. #Dads4Oren
RT to welcome back @WWEAJLee to #RAW! w #LightItUp!
Hoboken recognized by the @UN as role model for resilience
“@MixedRaceAkh: When you see your favourite food” 😂😂😭😂😂😂😂😭
BREAKING: The Denver Nuggets have fired head coach Brian Shaw. (via mulitple reports)
¡Entérate! En esto consiste el Método Fracking
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RT @_kim37: @slone Whoever boycotts Netanyahu is choosing a nuclear Iran. Period. Leave it to dems to make it a vicious partisan political statement.

New York

Netanyahu may some lost some of his friends in Congress.

New York, NY

RT @TheRightWingM: .@michellemalkin so @SpeakerBoehner used the cover of Netanyahu's Courageous Speech to cower & pass Obama's #Amnesty funding

New York City

Fact check: did Netanyahu go too far in his US speech? @SpeakerBoehner


RT @Just_Darrin: Huh. I agree-Chris Matthews livid after Netanyahu’s speech: GOP assisted a ‘takeover attempt’ by a foreign government


Netanyahu briefly said nice things about Obama, before trashing him and his intelligence for 45 minutes

New York, New York

Critics pounce on Netanyahu's lack of specifics, exactly the way Bibi wanted it. @joshrogin

New York

@LHCZ14 o un acuerdo como busca EEUU+UE/Netanyahu quiere guerra/esta loco

Santiago de Chile / New York

The Incoherence of Netanyahu’s Most Strident Critics : @Commentary

Orange County, CA and New York

Netanyahu Is Everything Obama Is Not : @Commentary

Orange County, CA and New York