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Vine by @NFLRT - Amari Cooper's footwork 😮
☼one direction land☼'s post on Vine - Vine by ☼one direction land☼ - This makes me so mAD HE WAS SPENDING tIME WITH FAMILY AND THAT BITCH HAD THE NERVE TO SAY THAT (not my video)
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After seeing Paper Towns in LA last week, covering this beauty was a must. Such a fantastic book, film, cast, and lesson. DFTBA :)

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Richy Rich "Hold Me Down"
Drake is the biggest savage of 2015 with those memes
A stunning sunset over Union Station and Downtown KC captured in this July 2015 photo by Joe Guastello
Insane! RT @reallyanastasia: BACK TO BACK. 6 GOD #OVOFest
Good job, NFL...
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 RT @thefader: .@1future just popped up for "March Madness" #OVOFest
So LIT 😢🙌 "@JodyRoseGold: #OVOFest looking like this rn 😢"
Pretty dope art
What Drake is doing to Meek Mill is the equivalent to when Kobe bodied Jalen Rose with 81 points.
AUGUST 15TH STAY TUNED FOR A HUGE LEO CELEBRATION #Royalty PRESENTED BY #Hot103Jamz OWN @brianbshynin & @MarksMyBarber 🙌
Rihanna at the Barbados Carnival 👀
@jfaini RT @espn: A recruit created a Monopoly board to commit to Wisconsin:
Caillou been chilling in East Atlanta all summer.
Delaney - a @30for30 short premiers August 19th on
"@Frais: #1 out of all the Meek memes"still a fan of good music #ahoutNMtour
Son Drake had everybody in Toronto
Episodio #3
Episodio #2
Episodio #1
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RT @MTVteenwolf: MALIA MY BBY #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: #SCILES PLS

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: "I know what my punishment is. I'm gonna lose my best friend." NO I AM NOT HERE FOR THIS #Sciles

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: Scira. MY HEART CANT HANDLE THIS ❤️ #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: NAH SCOTT DONT DO IT #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: "You're gonna be okay. I promise." IF LIAM ISNT THE SWEETEST #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: FOR REAL THEO?!?! #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: Scira. MY HEART CANT HANDLE THIS ❤️ #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: I don't know what's about to happen but it's giving me anxiety... #TeenWolf

Beacon Hills

RT @MTVteenwolf: I just love Sheriff and Melissa!!! #PartnersInCrime ?

Beacon Hills


But Stiles has had this jeep since season 1 my heart is broken. #TeenWolf #RIPRoscoeTheJeep
In memoriam of the best ship of #TeenWolf thanks to Jeff Davis ???? #Steep (Stiles & Jeep) #Stoscoe (Stiles & Roscoe)




"i gonna lose my best friend,i gonna lose scott" #TeenWolf
"ill loose my best friend, ill loose scott"
"Im gonna lose my best friend. Im gonna lose Scott." #Sciles #TeenWolf