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Happy Birthday, Fr. Weiss!
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Aaron Paul on The Price Is Right in 2000. Happy Birthday @aaronpaul_8!
BREAKING: USCs Josh Shaw admits to school that he lied about how he suffered his ankle injuries over the weekend.
Jurassic Park is on, and I cant not think of this. One of the funniest YouTube comments ever.
when youre not wearing any makeup but bae still says u look good
Half of this stuff is what you usually find on this site but other half, yeah... scary, mentioning names & addresses
@Calum5SOS  your hair is amazing is cute you hair lack is beautiful i love you hair !!
Alex Gordon plays the #walkoff hero.
It dont matter what situation it is, hoes will always find a way to hoe
When the slide goes from "Syllabus" to "Lecture Chapter 1" on the first day of classes
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RT @Royals: Standing O for Alex outstanding catch as he runs into the left field fence. #Royals

Kansas City, MO, USA

Lets not forget about what Sal has brought to the team as well. Him and Gordo are neck & neck for team MVP at this point. #Royals

Kansas City, MO

Ryan & Hud >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Physioc & Blyleven #royals

Kansas City

Once upon a time...I was THIS CLOSE to @mikemccartneykc :) #Royals

Kansas City

RT @h8rproof82: Alex Gordon #SCtop10 #royals

Kansas City

“@JoshVernier610: Hey, to the kids that want to play football, watch Alex Gordon. #PlayBaseball” #royals #mlb #nfl #nba

Kansas City, Mo.

great pitching + timely hitting x epic defense = W #Royals

Kansas City

#Royals Hendriks is like...."Oh. I can basically throw anything and you guys will save me?" Okay. Works for me.

Kansas City, MO

Okay, just give Alex Gordon the MVP already. What a grab. #Royals.

Kansas City, MO

This is what's going on between the #Tigers and #Yankees game. #Royals

Kansas City, MO


RT AND ILL DM YOU TO @ColtonLHaynes i wish you all the best luck✨


@DSprayberry Little wolf ???? I made this for you(im so bored) ???? I would have a heart attack if you followed me,please!
RT @loynwolf: Teen Wolf evolution
When someone says they dont like Teen wolf
When someone asks me to explain teen wolf


RT @MTVteenWolfFR: RT if you want to see more Brett! #WeWantBrett @CODYSAINTNEW
The man himself Jeff Davis
#Twitter @Twitter its time to @verified ====> @CODYSAINTNEW #Brett on #TeenWolf thanks :)
WOW! You guys ROCK! Lets get it to number one!