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Vine by Carrington Harrison - Cain catch.
Vine by Conrad McGorkin - My favorite part of tonights broadcast.
Vine by Remintyn - When you need help & Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez is around! #Disney #TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody #disneychannel #BellBoy
Vine by murgaro - The Ultimate LeBron James
Vine by ☮fivesauce edits☮ - oh my god
Vine by imchasen - tripped on his skateboard behind him hahahha
Vine by KC! - Paulo's first HR!
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#KansasCity #KCMO

— #KansasCity (HashTagKCMO) May 27, 2015
NEW SONG!!!!!! 





What, you thought Lorenzo Cain would actually let a baseball touch the ground? #ForeverRoyal
A lovely night at @affarekc 
The best food in Kansas City
#affäre #kcmo #kansascity #crossroads #familia
Felt so good to be back out there with Big Red! #ChiefsKingdom
We love this city! #KCMO
Yes ... NO! Are you kidding me, Lorenzo Cain?
#love #fun #drinks #kansascity #trip #girlfriends #date #cheers #missyou #plaza

Comptine dun autre été - laprès midi is a piece that appears on Yann Tiersens soundtrack to the French movie Amelie which was released in 2001. The original is for solo piano only and is an extremely popular piece for amateur pianists here on YouTube to upload. In fact if you look real closely at the terms and conditions for YouTube it does say that all amateur pianists have to record and upload this track so make sure youre not breaking the rules.... All right, I may be making that bit up but it seems like the case :-D

The original solo piano version sounds great by itself and really doesnt need any embelishment but I also offer a reimagined version that sounds a little fuller and hopefully adds even more emotion to a beautiful piece.

Reimagined version -
Solo piano version -
Gorgeous sunset on my ride home tonight. 

#KansasCity #sunset @KCMO #plaza
The house that Jeter built #YankeeStadium #BronxBombers #Crushing #KansasCity #BestTeamInNY #BxStandUp #YankeesRule #HashtagFrenzyComplete
ETL Developer wanted in #KansasCity,MO

— Joblore US (Joblore_US) May 27, 2015

— #Kansas…
NLBM crowd listening to Congressman James Clyburn, highest ranking African American fed legislator #kansascity

— …
#KansasCitys #Westport featured in the nytimes: In Kansas City, All Things Craft

— Mayo…
NKOTB-Lets Try It Again The Main Event KC 5/19/15
Had a great turnout for tonights fundraiser clinic @SportingPark. Thanks @SportingKC_SCN for coaching.
Join us at our FREE #ChipotleCultivate KC, 11am-7pm on 7/18: -Joe
West of Warrensburg Mo tonight.
1 looking north, 1 south same time.
@fox4wx Mike @NWSKansasCity @WeatherNation
#BREAKING: Top FIFA officials indicted, face extradition to U.S. on corruption charges. - NYT
FIVE #Royals lead in the 1st @esurance #ASG Ballot update! Vote for ALL the #ASGWorthy Royals:
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RT @ESPNFC: Damning words from US attorney general Loretta Lynch on #FIFA:

Kansas City

RT @jefecrandall: Enough #FIFA corruption... It's flipping Round 3 #USOC2015 matchday. 15 games tonight as @naslofficial enters:

Kansas City, MO

#FIFA US indicts 14 4 corruption Switzerland opens separ8 probe #Swissinvestigation #WorldCup

Kansas City, Missouri

RT @MatthewBerryTMR: The #FIFA indictments. Officially the least surprising legal sports development in history?

Kansas City, MO

RT @rockmnation: I I believe I believe that I believe that we I believe that we will I believe that we will sue! #FIFA

Kansas City, Missouri

RT @BBCWorld: #Fifa: who can fix football’s governing body?

Kansas City, MO

So the secret is that @LastWeekTonight & @E60 work for the DOJ! Time to watch @comcast & @TWC / Charter go down! #FIFA

Kansas City, MO; From the ATL

RT @AdrianHealey: Gonna be wearing my U.S Dept of Justice away/road shirt with pride today. "Come on you Feds". #FIFA

Kansas City, MO

.@MichaelSSchmidt was on the spot & live tweeted the #FIFA arrests

Kansas City

RT @BBCBreaking: Criminal proceedings opened against #Fifa officials in connection with awarding of 2018 & 2022 World Cup tournaments

Kansas City, MO


absolutely loving this @gerardway


Sepp Blatter right now.