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RT @NOTSportsCenter: Jameis Winston on being suspended for a half vs Clemson: "I have to be skrong. If I'm skrong, we skrong. And if we skrong, we skrong then."


"If I ever get Manziel disease, I want all of you to smack me in the head with your microphones." - Jameis Winston August 11, 2013.

Katy Texas

That's why I hate Jameis Winston and Johnny Football, steady trying to bring media to themselves

Katy Texas

RT @Will___Ferrell: Jameis Winston got suspended Looks like he's ready for the NFL

Katy, Tx

RT @UofCFB: After Week 3, who has a better chance of winning the Heisman Trophy? RT for Bryce Petty FAV for Jameis Winston

Katy, Texas

RT @totalfratmove: UPDATE: Jameis Winston Suspended For The First Half Of Saturday's Game For Shouting, "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" >>

Katy, TX

RT @Arizzle314: "Fuck her right in the pussy" -jameis winston

Katy, Texas

RT @CollegeGameDay: BREAKING: Jameis Winston has been suspended for the 1st half of Saturday's game vs Clemson:

Katy, Texas

RT @RealSkipBayless: Jameis got the "Manzeil" punishment -- suspended FOR A HALF. Translation: Jimbo thinks he can beat 20-pt dog Clemson w/o Jameis for a half.

Katy, Tx

RT @RealSkipBayless: Jameis is the reigning Heisman winner who's still being investigated for sexual assault under Title IX. Crab legs. Pellet gun. Now THIS?

Katy, Tx