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Kicked right through the drumhead in the middle of a gig. #drummerprobz #whattodo  #music #indieband
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@summer_safyiah you're basically saying the rockets are losing to a single player lol that's sad


RT @brianmctaggart: The Rockets and Hawks should play a super sad consolation series to fill time before Finals.


RT @Battlafield: Ladies and gentlemen it is with great honor to announce the Houston Rockets will be the very first team in NBA history to come back from 0-3

Katy, Texas

RT @RealSkipBayless: As I predicted, the Warriors are going to sweep the Rockets.

Katy, Texas

RT @WeLoveRobDyrdek: Damn rockets really?


Warriors are about to beat the Rockets for the 8TH STRAIGHT TIME. #Domination

Katy, TX

RT @bobbi_babyy: I don't see no rockets fans on my TL?


RT @C4LDTrain06: don't get mad at the rockets bc Kobe washed

katy tx

RT @SportsCenter: Steph Curry has 37 points as Warriors lead Rockets, 92-61. Oh yeah... they've only played 3 quarters.

Katy, Tx

Laughing as I watch front row rockets fan smile and cheer on as this guy rips his team.

Katy, TX
The Beard is in the building.
Ariza warming up. #Pursuit












Triple plays are fun! (via @astros)