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RT @ericbolling: Lester Holt train of thought right now: Tax returns- ck Birth Cert- ck Emails? Health? Benghazi? (Oops we ran out of time)

Kirkland, WA

Trump insisting he has a great temperament after throwing a temper tantrum with Lester Holt is by far the debates's craziest moment.

Kirkland, Washington

RT @SwinCash: So Lester (Black Man) Hillary (Woman) were both spoken to with very little respect most of the night by Trump🤔 Just let that sink in smdh

Kirkland WA

Where was Lester Holt in this debate? Lost control and NBC is 0 and 2 in last two presidential gatherings. #NBC

Kirkland, Washington

@FrankLuntz lester's question was intentionally designed for the response.

Seattle, WA

RT @abdulamemon: WE GO NOW LIVE TO LESTER HOLT OFF CAMERA: #debatenight


Two winners: HRC and Lester Holt.

Kirkland, WA

Where is Lester Holt in this debate? He is MIA and lost control. 0 and 2 on presidential moderators NBC

Kirkland, Washington

Lester, you're just stirring the pot now 🤗

Kirkland, WA

RT @Spacekatgal: After five minutes of ranting at Lester Holt like a 5-year old Trump: "I have a better temperament than her. Everyo…

Kirkland, WA