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Howbout we stop ripping Tunsil, a guy who was honest in every interview last night, and maybe think about the shitty state of NCAA coaching

La Crosse

If you don't want Tunsil to talk, why call a presser and blatantly B.S. everyone? It's like Miami watched HOC and forgot that was TV.

La Crosse, WI

RT @jimrome: Dee Gordon is Laremy Tunsil's biggest fan this morning.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

RT @LeBatardShow: .@Stugotz790 welcomes Laremy Tunsil to Miami. -Charlie

La Crosse, WI

RT @LeBatardShow: .@Stugotz790 welcomes Laremy Tunsil to Miami. -Charlie

La Crosse, WI

"The war-room panic over Tunsil might be the best example of the NFL disconnect from society." < That.

La Crosse Wisconsin

RT @_Happy_Gilmore: BREAKING: Johnny Manziel offers Laremy Tunsil a spot playing defense on his Tri-County Flag Football team.

La Crosse, WI

RT @Faux_Gruden: Laremy Tunsil was a high draft pick in more ways than one, man. He'll be a great player on that Miami grass

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Seeing Tunsil's life unfold tonight should be a nation-wide lesson on the risks of using technology & social media.

Northside - La Crosse, WI

RT @BSO: Laremy Tunsil Denies Then Admits Coaches Gave Him Money at Ole Miss

La Crosse, WI