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“@EspnHam9: Im a real life goon out here 💰😈” too turnt 😳🍴

-uploaded in HD at
Prayers for the man that has influenced my life in ways he doesnt even know. 🙏 #FightLikeMike
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Lafayette LA

Praying for Trinity: Protesters meet at Lafayette Diocese

Lafayette, LA

Salle du Conseil, Lafayette. @AIMFrancophones @Paris

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Contant d'être à la réunion de l'association international des maires francophones à Lafayette!

Carencro, Louisiana

#JoeyDurel and @Anne_Hidalgo, a proud honorary citizen of Lafayette, LA! @Paris @AIMFrancophones

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA










"Your actions have consequences ... YOURE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY!! Get OUT of my BUILDING!!" - @StephMcMahon #RAW