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Could get used to this. #vacation #california #theyneedsweetteaouthere @ Laguna Beach - Orange County, CA

Nashville, TN

Taco Tuesday with Shereen and Elise! (@ Laguna Feast Authentic Mexican Cuisine) on #Yelp

Laguna Beach, CA

#Weather Laguna Beach, California Weather :: 78F A FEW CLOUDS #Laguna #CA

Laguna Beach CA

#CUSTOMER of the day Buy Hand - Laguna Beach: Kerri loved our sweet #gemstone STACKING rings. We just put these...

670 S Coast Hwy Laguna Beach

SEAS THE DAY ???? @ Woods Cove, Laguna Beach


Finished Run with #runmeter, on Laguna Beach 5k route, time 36:14, 4.94 km, average 7:20.

Laguna Beach, CA

I hate leaving Laguna and loosing the @KX935 signal. If only my Jeep got the internet. Listen live online at

Laguna Beach

Started Run with #runmeter at 5:47 PM, on Laguna Beach 5k route, see

Laguna Beach, CA

Intergalactic waves ???????? @ Thalia Street Beach, Laguna Beach

santa monica / hollywood

Evening walk on the beach! @ Montage Laguna Beach

Dallas, TX