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Dr. Jill Biden kicking off the highly anticipated headliners of Day 3. Up soon: Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, @POTUS.
Obama: Its too hot for a scarf, Joe. Biden: IMMA DO THE SCARF WHIP Obama: Please dont do the scarf whip. Biden:

RT @wootBre: Kaine: you think I should do my trump impression in the speech? Hillary: no Obama: no Bill: no Biden: yeah man, yeah, that's great stuff


RT @bluegal: My god Tim Kaine! You're like Biden and Mr. Rogers had a baby!

Lancaster, PA

Tim Kaine seems like the type of guy who would be uncomfortable with Joe Biden's reckless use of the word "malarkey."

Lancaster, PA

Wait. Joe Biden has been our vice prez the last 8 years? Now I know. I'm not kidding when I say I hate politics. I pay zero attention.

Lancaster, PA

RT @esquire: Read the full transcript of Joe Biden's powerful DNC speech: #DemsInPhilly


Joe Biden slams Donald Trump

Lancaster, PA

RT @UniteWomenPA: Vice President Joe Biden just killed it! That speech is going to be hard to beat.

Lancaster, PA

RT @Reverend_Scott: Obama: It's too hot for a scarf, Joe. Biden: IMMA DO THE SCARF WHIP Obama: Please don't do the scarf whip. Biden:

Lancaster, PA

RT @faxbrian: Joe Biden is frightening because you can tell he can straight roast you to hell without a single cuss word and only 1950s vernacular

Lancaster, PA

RT @kaleekreider: Agree with you @PaulBegala Party needed some firing up and Biden delivered

Lancaster PA