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if youre burning the American flag in protest of Michael Brown youre a piece of shit. Not even gonna sugar coat it
“@FriendlyAssh0le: Burning the american flag but youre gonna go pick up your welfare check tomorrow??” ???????????? Tru

RT @TheAnonMessage: If you or someone near you needs medical attention we have people with first aid and CPR training carrying this flag:


RT @RealJackSwagger: I pledge allegiance... To the Flag... Of the United States of America #WeThePeople

United States of Martial Law

RT @DragonflyJonez: Racist avi power rankings: 1)egg 2)dog 3)guy holding fish with American flag apparel 4)nature scene 5)Any Boston sports team logo

Lawton, Oklahoma

RT @femmeminem: White America is upset about the burning of flags meanwhile they use the flag to stab black people in the stomach

Lawton Oklahoma

RT @BaniHillal: People of the Northern American continent burning the flag of the US organization. #Ferguson #FergusonDecision

Muhammad's land, Allah's law