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Slept straight through that amber alert.

Lawton, Oklahoma

The Amber Alert sound on iPhones is soooo annoying ????


Anybody else think that Amber Alert was their alarm at 2 in the morning and get really upset? I did. #exhausted

Lawton, Ok

Amber alerts at 2:30 a.m. are rather jarring. Truly I'm not complaining. It's just a fact.

Lawton, Oklahoma

Lowkey mad that I got another amber alert

lawton ok

RT @BHoover27: Bet that Amber alert woke up half the county

lawton ok

Amber alert b.s scared tf outta me. Ddnt know Where that loud noise was coming from

lawton ok

That amber alert has got me wide awake.

Lawton, OK

Amber alerts are important. Yes? BUt NOT AT 2 AM CAN A NIGGA GET SOME SLEEP HOLY SHIT.

Lawton, Oklahoma

That damn amber alert at 2 in the morning? Getting back to sleep will be the death of me now....

Lawton, Oklahoma




RT @LTownSportsmed: LHS football trainers ????????