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The director of the walking in New York #catcalling video edited out white people
I may or may not be a bag of eminems idk idk idk
Posey, 27
Bumgarner, 25
6 World Series Rings between them

#ChampionsTogether #HomeGrown

(Via @AJ_Strong)
This kid committed suicide and jumped into the Detroit river a few days ago and left clues. Saddest thing Ive seen
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No Durant, Westbrook goes down, Thunder still make it interesting but fall to Clippers

Long Beach, CA

Clippers beat Thunder 93-90, but it certainly wasn't pretty

Long Beach, CA

RT @SherwoodStrauss: What's this shock the Clippers are dealing with? The sudden, 30-year discovery that Sterling was a racist?

Long Beach, California

RT @Martyy35: clippers so weak , but s/o my boys on the hard fought game it should only get better now since Reggie Jackson and J.Lamb coming back #⚡?

long beach

RT @ClippersCentral: LOLOLOL RT @PickandRollAU: Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is so excited... He scares his own kid!

Long Beach, CA

Clippers really did this whole lights out thing like the Lakers huh?

east side Long Beach

watchin the clippers an okc wit Matt

LongBeach, Ca


Buelah! #turnup #mukimukimanmansu - WEIRD Vidzs post on Vine
There was nothing scarier than getting caught taking a #2 in the school bathroom w/ KingBach, Klarity - MelvinGreggs post on Vine
Oh My God @_Chestbump_ - Chest-Bumps post on Vine
Hoes tomorrow gon be like “chill its just a costume”


“@_lovekimmy: Glenn was shit still is shit and always will be shit ☺” but


i tried doing this






They called this a foul ON BLAKE RT @cjzero: Serge Ibaka looking right at the ref as he arm bars Blake Griffin








Carmelo Anthony and Knicks spoil LeBron James homecoming with 95-90 win over Cavaliers. Anthony: 25 Pts, 6 Ast