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yo happy birthday Colorado! still looking hella fine

When it comes to my room, I'm my own personal interior designer. I know where everything is, most of the time

Longmont, Colorado

Live for every moment, and laugh every day.

Niwot, Colorado

US-Russian 3-man space station crew lands safely

Longmont, Colorado

I didn't finish the practice act online :(

Longmont, Colorado

Sometimes I don't know how some people can be so professional with such bad grammar......

Longmont, Colorado

0.4872 uSv/h (normal range)

Longmont, Colorado, USA

RT @CraigCRMcLeod: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

Longmont, Colorado

Is it me or am I hearing clawing noises in my attic over the garage!?

Longmont, Colorado

Can't resist. When no target to steer toward, no estimates of cost, schedule or performance - perfect #NoEstimates

Niwot Colorado

Colorado Rocky Mountain Flowing Stream BW - #ART -

Longmont / Boulder, Colorado






RT @LeftHandBrewing: Rainy days ahead here in #Colorado. Pot o beer > Pot o gold. #doublerainbow