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chase tomson's post on Vine - Will yeets so hard - chase tomson's post on Vine
celeste's post on Vine - at the shelter earlier and the 🐱 didnt wanna go back in the crate. 😹❤️ - celeste's post on Vine
NBA's post on Vine - Derrick Rose attacks for the and1 at @usabasketball practice! - NBA's post on Vine
ZaeeMME's post on Vine - Yo How The Fuck Did He Just Do This ? #magic #dancing #battle #revineThis #REVINE 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌(MUST WATCH & SHARE AROUND) - DizzyZ's post on Vine
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A NIGGA IN CHINA's post on Vine - teyana Taylor gets her ankles played with. damn boo - A NIGGA IN CHINA's post on Vine
5 Seconds of Summer - Amnesia (Lyric video)
ThatJuanKid's post on Vine - teletubbies #tiptoeinginmyjordans - ThatJuanKid's post on Vine
"Our Leader the Mockingjay" – Official Teaser Trailer
V7_TraV's post on Vine - #VineAd for Yeetus & Associates law firm ft.David Banna - V7_TraV's post on Vine
camila swag's post on Vine - camila getting carried away 😂 - camila swag's post on Vine
Great Football Videos's post on Vine - #Zlatan #ibrahimovic preparing for the new season, from the best angle! What a goal! - Great Football Videos's post on Vine
Jenn McAllister's post on Vine - Me driving - Jenn McAllister's post on Vine
Alexus Montgomery's post on Vine - Convinced she's from the hood 😈😂😭 - Alexus Montgomery's post on Vine
Mad Max: Fury Road - Comic-Con First Look [HD]
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]
Out of Print trailer
B.A. AND TINA's post on Vine - #BdotPrankingTina101 Pt. 1… *The Shower Prank* (BdotAdot5, supertinaa)🙊🙊 #BAandTINA #theCollection #SheHatesMeSoMuchRightNow 😂😂😂 - B.A. AND TINA's post on Vine
Tish Simmonds's post on Vine - in my mums car - Tish Simmonds's post on Vine
deion z's post on Vine - don't you ever just - deion's post on Vine
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One. Two. Tree.
Fixing shit
@justinbieber just accepted his "Champ For Charity" award on behalf of #makeawishfoundation at the #younghollywoodawards...and then invited me on stage to donate the award to me...AND I got to keep it!!! Most magical moment...EVER. @celebritygrace #celebritygrace #justinbieber #makeawishfoundation
THE MAZE RUNNER (@MazeRunnerMovie)
rachei de rir aqui kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
SPOILER ALERT: In a shocking turn of events @AndiDorfman has CHOSEN Joel EMBIID over josh and nick #TheBachelorette
RT @ForevrAlonHappy: Él dijo que estaba aprendiendo de sus errores, ÉL JAMÁS MINTIÓ, ÉL LO HA LOGRADO. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber
Dope shot 👌
Ashton estava reunido ontem no estúdio com o cantor australiano @CodySimpson: -
Derrick Rose laces up for the first @usabasketball practice in Las Vegas.
@dylanobrien en un nuevo póster de @MazeRunnerMovie.
Trust in love. u can never go wrong speaking your true feelings
My face here 😂
@jamesdashner @dylanobrien im really enjoying this too much
Chip Kelly made a funny when talking about how overrated the NFL Draft is. But heres the thing...
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RT @adoringdimples: #askacacia "stop hating on acacia your being so mean"

Los Angeles

RT @chntxl: going through the #askacacia hashtag like

Los Angeles

RT @janosskianatorr: “@TROPIXIRWIN: "@hemmoxmendes: my vine though #askacacia"IM LAUGHIBJ LMAO” HIOLKY SHIT IM CRIDJDN SADDGFJDJAB????????????????????????????


RT @movewithnarry: when acacia says she's apart of the 5sos fam #askacacia


RT @ordinNarrygurl: #askacacia I just find acacia in the street and ask her for a selfie

Los Angeles

RT @ordinNarrygurl: #askacacia omg guys look you can buy your own acacia on target eww

Los Angeles

RT @holyhemmmings: raise your hand if you hate acacia #askacacia

Los Angeles

RT @AngelicLuna99: #askacacia Ugh I can smell something stinking up my timeline. I think it's Acacia Brinley. Time to take out the trash

Los Angeles

RT @5SOSBlaze: #askacacia Pretending that I know everything even though I just logged into twitter

Los Angeles

RT @arleneewhites: #askacacia 5sos fam and directioners rn

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RT @dylanobrien: Ok heres the real poster :)
RT @dylanobrien: First little peek at the grievers brought to life #wesyoureagenius
RT @tylergposey: Me and @dylanobrien being a bunch of goofs. Thats my butt
RT @dylanobrien: The new #MazeRunnerPoster is out!!!! Check it right here :) exciting stuff @jenniferlawrence
RT @dylanobrien: New #MazeRunnerTrailer debuts tomorrow!!! Its reeeeeally cool :) cant wait for you guys to see it
.@dylanobrien looked amazing @Yhawards 2014! Watch him receive #BreakThroughActor at 8/7c on the @CW_network!