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Vine by DEDICATED #FSS - Riley Curry takes the over the show #stephcurry #rileycurry #stephencurry #comedy #basketball
Vine by ILLFM - - Vine by ILLFM
Vine by artballin - Driver wouldnt let her on the bus lmaooo what a child
Sliding into your DMs like...???????? #dance #DMs #dancing #funny - Vine by World Dance Vines - Sliding into your DMs like...😂😂 #dance #DMs #dancing #funny
Vine by Nash Grier - Tennis Jake Foushee
That backflip tho. This kid can dance #dance #dancing - Vine by World Dance Vines - That backflip tho. This kid can dance #dance #dancing
Vine by Rocky Lynch - We're on a tour bus again. It's been too long! #SometimeLastNight
Vine by iSTUTTA - Riley Curry: I'm wayyy up I feel blessed 😍 #warriors
Vine by too turnt tina - finals week
Vine by fresh - Them ChiRaq Drill nigga videos be JUST LIKE THIS bruh 😩😂
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Algo muy común en nuestra época. Una bachata para los que alguna vez han tenido una buena experiencia en un motel.  Espero les guste por favor subscriban se  y no dejen de visitar mis redes sociales.
THUMBS UP for cute desks! 

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THATS IT! Im so excited about this giveaway :) good luck to everyone! (winner will be chosen by random)

I just recently gave my desk an entire makeover! Here are some of my favorite DIY organization projects and also my desk essentials :) (yes there is food included) (you know me) 

If you try decided to spice up your desk space send me pics!
I wanna see :) use the hash tag #DIYwithBeth


Lets chat!





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D.U.N.G. is a 2nd generation hip hop band birthing from the original group Digital Underground. S.O.T.U (Son of The Underground) is the son of the former member and co-founder Chopmaster J of the original D.U band, bringing back and paying homage to where it all started from. Consisting of multiple members of all different musical backgrounds and talents coming together to continue on the legacy and build onto what once was as well as creating the new and starting a new movement all together. Coming with all types of styles and flavors from the laid back sample based feel to the turn up party have fun doowutchyalike feel bringing back the past to the present to the future. Here to take you on a musical journey from start to finish bringing back the importance of concept and storytelling through dope music.

The Gambit official music video for Monsters Like Us. The first official music video from Los Angeles based rock band, The Gambit. 
Directed by Josh Beavers and Alexander Vincent.

Film director:
Visual director:

Updates at:
Downloads at:
Pictures at:
Lyrics at:
"@WorIdOfDancing: Graduation dance goals 😂" 👌👌👌
Ela e o Tyler................... Eu preciso de um momento.
Meet the Cast of the new feature film from 8-Track Productions "Little Magdeline" Starring Kate Nichols (The 28th Day: The Wrath of Steph) Michael Marinaccio (Two Cranes), Derek Houck (Community) Sarah Nicklin (A Darker Fifty Shades: The Fetish Set, The Sins of Dracula) & Jodie Grundin (The 28th Day: The Wrath of Steph). Directed by Zack Scott. Find out why this new film is going to be a special one! 

To Donate to our fundraising campaign, go to
Episode 1: "Seven Hills" -- Pilot Episode 

Undergrad Chronicles Web Series is about a Group of HBCU college students trying to make the best of their junior year, while dealing with issues within their personal lives.

Created & Directed by Shaniqua Durant

Follow us:
Instagram: @UndergradChroniclesWS
Twitter: @UCWebSeries

Music By:

Cali Cal
Twitter: @YoungCaliMojo
Instagram: @YoungCaliMojo
Take Notice Mixtape on

Frankie Bellamy
"Sun Come Up Remix" 
Twitter: @Frankie_Bellamy
Instagram: @Frankie_Bellamy
Download Thy Will Be Done Mixtape:

Charlie Sky
"Nothings Gonna Change"
Twitter: @OfficialCSky
Instagram: @OfficialCSky

Alex Isley
"The Other Side"
Twitter: @LoveAlexIsley
Instagram: @LoveAlexIsley

Theme Music: Closer by Alex Isley

"Life Dont Stop" (Get Yours)
Twitter: @Intricate93
Instagram: @Intricate93
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•Criação, produção, edição de vídeo e áudio, roteiro, produção artística: Wellas Diniz

•Direção de cenas, câmera : Wellas Diniz, Bi Monteiro

• Jessica Rodrigues, Wesley Andrade, Bi Monteiro, Wellas Diniz, Jani Rodrigues.

• Gravado em Trindade - RJ entre os dias 01 á 03 de novembro de 2014

Pousada Pé no rancho:

•Trilha: Banda SolariSe, Lukas Fernandes, Banda Ravera

•Uma produção de WSD projetos
@RoyaalMonet Pls check out @UCWebSeries :) Heres a clip and a link #HBCU #blackWebSeries !
The Highly anticipated Ep of the summer coming soon! The Notionaries "Brave With Wires" May 19th 2015
Gold Cross, Bible and Lighted Cross.
“@5SOS: And again 😶” LUKES eyebrowssssss @heya_itsEmerr
Hey hahaha I challenged @HunterMarch to a big show down 😂😂😂 @GoTeamFruity #ad #PebblesRox
The battle between Team Fruity & Team Cocoa finally ends with a wet and ultimate throw down between me and Hunter March. 

Watch Hunter’s Revenge:

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Silent Pain Game
RT @ashton5SOS Dublin rocked!
Both of them stole Lisa Bonets look RT @infraredsix RT @amandlastenberg: prom.
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Los Angeles, Ca

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

Los Angeles California

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

Los Angeles

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

Los Angeles

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

los angeles

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

Los Angeles

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RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

Los Angeles, CA

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet

Los Angeles, CA

RT @NiallOfficial: Yeh but I havnt heard the new stuff yet






Snapbacks are still a thing right? ???????? @tylergposey
Really not supposed to do this but I cant wait any longer. Welcome to BADLANDS.


Interview with Beth Levy Talking About LYBBE
#Love Your Beautiful Body Entirely - See how in this youtube movie
#BookWorm ;) #fashion #art #music #love #artist #books #pinkhair #fun #gold #bling #israel #losangeles #cool #style
Snapbacks are still a thing right? ???????? @tylergposey