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Minions uncensored ???? by RandomDude - Watch the extended version on our Instagram: @FunnyLipReadings - Vine by Funny Lip Readings - Minions uncensored πŸ˜‚ by RandomDude - Watch the extended version on our Instagram: @FunnyLipReadings
The shooting tonight at the club in San Jose #chrisbrown - Vine by chrisbrownofficial - The shooting tonight at the club in San Jose #chrisbrown
WAKE ME UP by Evanescents ❀️ - Vine by chloe lmao - WAKE ME UP by Evanescents ❀️
Rare footage of me going to school every morning - Vine by Common White Girl - Rare footage of me going to school every morning
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#cardfam My nephew Evan is battling cancer. He loves sports & fishing Please RT as a prayer for him, hope to get 1K
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Excited to get the season started! -@DeVanteParker09

Chiefs S Eric Berry has been cleared to return to the practice field after undergoing treatment for lymphoma.
when u know someone doesnt like u but u dont care πŸ˜œπŸ’…πŸ’
πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­When regret starts to sink in while listening to  #BackToBack
Everybody scores!!! All Yankees starters cross the plate in their 21-5 win over Rangers. NYY has won 13 of last 16.
Huge house fire in Smoketown on Vine Street. No word if anyone was inside. #wave3news #breaking
#Fight #win #BobbyPetrino
We dare you to try and hide your fear against the Hung Up Zombie for he can sniff it right out of you! Even trussed up this zombies horrifying grunts will send all your guest running in the other direction. Watch as he wriggles menacingly against his bonds, opening his mouth showing pointed teeth that will pierce your sweet flesh! His blinding white eyes follow potential victims everywhere they go. Sweet eats just got much bloodier this Halloween!
LOUIS e LIAM ieri sul palco hanno preso a calci una pignatta di NAUGHY BOY

After 2013, Herbie is going to say Louisville has a shot in every game from now until his final prognosticating day.
Wheres the little white kid that says "Jesus Christ" in that vine? πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚
"its my tour too right babe?" #BackToBack
Had a drink with these blokes last night...
Wow, mine is actually true 😳
β€œ@HoopHighIights: Allen Iverson had the nastiest crossover” πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Great news from KC: After undergoing cancer treatment, All-Pro Eric Berry cleared to practice:
Good. Great. Grand. #WOW:
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RT @breakfastclubam: Props to @Drake >> sent @cthagod 6 bottles #thebreakfastclub


RT @Drake:

Louisville, KY

RT @Drake:


RT @Drake: Scary hours.


RT @Drake:

Louisville, Ky

RT @thefader: .@Drake followed through on his β€œBack To Back” promise and sent @cthagod champagne.

Louisville Ky

RT @watzqoodcuz: lol @MeekMill cmon son! @Drake #BackTOBack @NICKIMINAJ

louisville, ky.

@Drake damn mane fall back off my dude @MeekMill


RT @Drake:

Louisville, KY, USA

RT @Power1051: #RP @cthagod: @drake really sent the bottles...classy guy man."

Louisville, KY




Excited to get the season started! -@DeVanteParker09 #StrongerTogether


Downtown panel reviewing Omni plans at Old Water Co meets in historic Old Jail, built in 1905, repurposed in 1983


Crews putting up the walls to lay archways along the roadway. A live report on Hwy 22 progress at noon on @whas11


Excited to get the season started! -@DeVanteParker09 #StrongerTogether