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Here are a few pics Had a blast at the Congress for Future Physicians Can't wait to go back tomorrow #FutureDocsNow


Truly an inspiring experience #futuredocsnow @ Tsongas Center at…


#futuredocsnow. Talk About stunning the room . What an inspirational woman. And the face donor family is here.

Boulder, Colorado - USA

#FutureDocsNow Is Dr. Lewis going to be here tomorrow during one of the breaks? Or during any other opportunities to ask him questions?


If the cells/ diseases evolve, why can't the antibiotics? #askdrlewis #FutureDocsNow


thanks for showing me that I'm always incredibly valuable to society, no matter my age #inspired #FutureDocsNow

Owasso, OK

Honored to meet US Army Captain Florent Groberg! Medal of Honor, BronzeStar, & PurpleHeart recipient #FutureDocsNow

Virginia, USA

#FutureDocsNow #AskDrLewis Were you born here or in Russia? Did u ever work there and what was that like if yes?


Are you the voice actor for the character Gru in Despicable Me in your spare time ? #FutureDocsNow @AskDrLewis


How do you find new antibiotics? #askdrlewis #FutureDocsNow





Got team for 25 years! Go #GLUFC Go Dragons! #NPSL2016 #Lowell