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Who's mom is this!!?😂😂
"u getting dick on Valentine's Day ?"
Me when my attitude goes away because Im about to eat
when someone asks me how's life
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Now they know
103 degree day in LA*
Me: "What is there to eat?" 
Mom: "Caldo de res"
I love Mexico 
Rt for 360 + free follows 

@studio /final verses /new album title  T.L.O.P.
Were giving away one Yarny every day this week. RT for your chance to win one!
Para muestra un boton
Porque no debes votar .@GOP
Y Porque si Debes votar por @TheDemocrats
Love love love love love my baby girl  #lovemyfamily
La Chiva Soria bringing back fedoras 💯😂
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@LanaDelRey YESSSS ❤️??

Los Angeles

RT @LanaDelRey: FREAK

South Gate/Los Angeles CA

RT @LanaDelRey: FREAK

South Gate/Los Angeles CA

RT @Vevo: It's almost here. @LanaDelRey's #FREAKVideo premieres tonight at 10pm PST

South Gate/Los Angeles CA

RT @Vevo: Here's a first look at @LanaDelRey's #FREAKVideo, premiering on @Vevo tonight at 10PM PST

South Gate/Los Angeles CA

RT @LanaDelRey: Don't be reckless with other people's hearts. Don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.

Bell, CA

RT @LanaDelRey: FREAK Music Video Premiere Event Tuesday, February 9 The Wiltern Presented by Vevo

South Gate/Los Angeles CA

RT @LanaDelRey: ‘Freak’ will be premiering on @Vevo at 10PM PST Feb 9th/6AM Feb 10th GMT

South Gate/Los Angeles CA
We Found It Like This #GreetTheAliensIn5Words @midnight
A 1988 prediction of what Los Angeles would look like in 2013.
Reenactments of famous photos on The Simpsons.
Kurt Cobains suicide note.
Frank Sinatra takes a mirror selfie, 1938.
Lisa and Louise Burns, aka The Twins, 1980.
Jim Carrey at age 19, 1981.
Polaroids from the set of Clueless, 1995.
Queen, 1970s.
Kurt Cobain at the Colosseum in Rome after an impromptu trip following an on stage nervous breakdown, 1989.
Spice Girls, 1990s.
Tracked motorcycle from 1939.
An elephant seal, 1936.
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. Los Angeles, 1969.
Father and Son
Brigitte Bardot, 1958. Photograph by Burt Glinn.


???? what the heck
Today was a lot of fun w/ @taylorcaniff @AaronCarpenter @camerondallas ????⛷