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How your turkey feels the day before Thanksgiving
Man I got so many questions after watching this
Obama bants
this is my fave blooper ever
When your tia brags about how amazing her daughters are but you know they lowkey putas
Je suis littéralement obligée de la voir
Pregnant girls on Instagram be like...... 😅
If girls were boys for a day
Adèle elle a une voix tellement puissante
before and after puberty 😭
in case youre having a bad day heres a vid of Justin Bieber lip syncing Big Girls Dont Cry by Fergie 😊
Hey guys @Eagles
When you and your favorite cousin link up on thanksgiving
I hope your Thanksgiving is as great as Drakes hotline bling moves.
In loving memory of Sugar Daddy Justin. He aint dead, he just never wears suits anymore.
Teen dies after twerking on moving SUV, falling underneath wheels:
Happy Thanksgiving, #DodgerFam!
Merry Chrimuh.
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Happy Thanksgiving #thankful
When you wake up on Thanksgiving and remember youre not a Trojan #Thankful #Beat$C
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! #thankful #blessed
This #Thanksgiving, Im sharing what Im #thankful for. Tell me, what are you thankful for?
#thankful for the goons❤️
53 GIFs That Make Us #Thankful for Zayn Malik:
Headliners, were #thankful for YOU. Happy #Thanksgiving!
#Thankful for best friends that know your good side.

bestfriend.. been by my side through thick and thin ?? #thankful


#Thankful for my mentor/brother, B ??

PHS '16

#Thankful for da homies ??

PHS '16

What are you thankful for this Holiday season? #Thanksgiving #Thankful #Grateful #GETFamily…

Lynwood, CA


.@ShawnMendes killed it! ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍ #MacysParade
.@ShawnMendes big ups little homie for preforming at the #MacysParade! I see you ????
Performing @Macys #ThanksgivingDayParade tomorrow tune in & if ur in NYC come see my performance in Herald Square !


.@tedcruz Gobble gobble ;)
Gobble Gobble!!! #HappyThanksgiving to all!!! Mwah ????❤️✌????????
Gobble, gobble! #MacysParade
Happy gobble gobble gobble day to all my US #fanily ❤️ #thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving????gobble gobble????????
gobble gobble ????????????????????????
Gobble Gobble! Heres how to pretend like you watch any show to survive Thanksgiving dinner
@lyciafaith GOBBLE GOBBLE
???? gobble gobble headass ????
Gobble, gobble: This guy in #Kyrgyzstan just popped up to say Happy Thanksgiving!
Pre-gobble gobble hike with @17days ????✌????️????
Gobble, Gobble! Hope you are having a Happy Thanksgiving! #LASentinel #TasteofSoul #happythanksgiving
Gobble Gobble muffffffuguh ????
Get Grant Proposal Writing and Consultation For NSF and SBIR
Live tweet of Thankskilling starts now! Gobble, gobble! @HorrorHoneys


Lets kick this #MacysParade up a notch! @Rockettes ????????????
We choose you, Pikachu! @Pokemon #MacysParade
Coming in for landing…the adorable @hellokitty! #MacysParade
.@ShawnMendes killed it! ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍ #MacysParade
Gobble, gobble! #MacysParade
.@Snoopy + @Woodstock = the definiton of BFF. #MacyParade
???? Whos watching the @Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade?! ????
.@Macys Thanks for having us today! Had a rad time partying with TMNT! #cowabunga #bucketlist #turkeypizza
It’s almost hereeee! Don’t forget to tune in to the #MacysParade Thursday at 9am on NBC.
Ease on down, ease on down to 34th Street! #TheWizLive #MacysParade
Oh my gosh, a floating shopping list! Oh no wait, its the #SpongeBob float at #MacysParade! ???????????????? @Macys
Hoo hoo! @Pillsbury #MacysParade.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…and hes at the #MacysParade.
Counting down to @EvaLongoria @nbctelenovela, abt novelera who doesnt speak Spanish. @Macys #ThanksgivingDayParade
Tap goals. @RottenBroadway #MacysParade




Too often our Native American brothers and sisters have seen corporate profits put ahead of their sovereign rights.
Because it takes too long to go punch every native American in the face.
An expansive photo record of Native American life in the early 1900s.
native americans on thanksgiving: this is important!
#ImThankfulFor Native Americans still resisting erasure today
Mother of baby left in a manger in a New York nativity scene is found
Opinion: Native Americans should not be left out of #Thanksgiving
blessing your timelines real quick, Happy Thanksgiving
This is my new fav wisdom teeth video
me trying to relax on thanksgiving break knowing I have 3 papers 5 finals & the cure for cancer due when I get back
"Im full, do you want my dessert?"
I need this
when your grandma tells your mom to leave you alone
this is so kind ???? #happythanksgiving
What an actor.. (not Bond, The Man with the Broom)
literally my mom today
when you and your girls are listening to end of the day by 1D and then the chorus hits you
when youre ready to eat but then theyre all like "lets first talk about what were thankful for this year"
When your mom asks "so whos gonna do the dishes" after Thanksgiving dinner
just in case youre having a bad day heres a vid of Justin Bieber lip syncing Big Girls Dont Cry by Fergie ☺️


Thanksgiving selfie ???? Im thankful for God giving me all of you, the life I am living & what is to come! ✌????????????
#TBT to that time I took a selfie with Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!
Thanksgiving selfie????
Reasons To Check Behind You Before Snapping That Selfie