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RT @JP_Rosenbaum: Big congrats to @AndiDorfman & @jmurbulldog! #TheBachelorette

Marietta, Georgia

RT @KissMySthrnSass: But wait.... who's the next Bachelor???? #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor

Marietta, GA

RT @rfaintich: As a member of the #ATL Jewish Community, I just wanna know if Josh is converting & will I see them at Rosh haShanah? #TheBachelorette

Marietta, Ga.

RT @strawberylouis: NICK THAT WAS REALLY RUDE AND LOW OF YOU #TheBachelorette #bachelorettefinale

Marietta, Georgia

RT @katieleslienews: Nick, pro tip: #TheBachelorette

Marietta, GA

Saving 2nt's #TheBachelorette! Josh just set the bar WAYYYY high!! Hope the man who EARNS/WINS my daughter's heart... does it HALF as well!!

Marietta, GA

Hey Paaaaawl, do you think since UGA won #TheBachelorette that means they'll win the East and play #Bama


Which of my Twitter peeps are watching #theBachelorette ? I need some live tweeting action please!

Marietta, GA

RT @AndiDorfman: Headed to after the final rose! Biiiiiig night! Who is ready for the live show?!? #TheBachelorette

Marietta, Georgia


RT @GAFollowers: This morning a GA soldier was killed by a plane making an emergency landing while walking his daughter on a FL beach.
A 5th grader in Cumming, GA covered his body with names of cancer survivors and victims. Hes raised $6K for charity.








RT @KennesawStateAD: Commencement going to happen!!@kennesawstate