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This man knows what he is talking about #BaltimoreRiots
conversation between an officer at todays protest
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@EyeMotion #Photography Best Photographers in hamilton ontario by carlos flannery


Josh Hamilton is 6 months younger than Hank Blalock.

McKinney, Texas.

RT @DudePerfect: Welcome back Josh Hamilton! #RangerForLife

McKinney, Texas

RT @lonestarball: If you're upset that Hamilton didn't say the words "I'm sorry," or his apology wasn't good enough, then you kind of suck. Get over yourself.

McKinney, Texas.

RT @Jaytoven__: Josh Hamilton is back where be belongs. He should've never left

McKinney, Texas

*reluctantly brings out Hamilton jersey from the back of my closet*


RT @1053SS: You can hear Hamilton's pride and stubbornness in hesitation to apologize to Ranger fans @1053thefan.

McKinney, TX

RT @MLBONFOX: "I'm back here, I'm back home, I'm going to give you everything I've got."- Josh Hamilton

McKinney, TX

Glad I didn't get rid of my Hamilton shirt!!

Anna, TX


Hes back.




track banquet is always fun with my favs ????


Allen v Plano Rain Delay Jousting @AESoftball