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Warriors G Klay Thompson says Blake Griffin tends to flop a little bit & reminds him of a "bull in a china shop." Β»
Florida State issued a lengthy response to Wednesday mornings New York Times Jameis Winston report. #FSU
RT if you think Real Madrid will defeat Barcelona to win Copa del Rey. #ElClasico
Were in Europe. Cue the lasers. #jt2020tour @theTNkids
Nike Air Force 1 Low - Blue/Orange
When you see yo girl gettin thicker.. πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
Grizz beat the Mavs 106-105!! On to the Playoffs as a 7th seed.
She bent over and I seen dat ass. I was like
#80sNight at #FedExPark is Friday. Can you beat these costumes? #GoTigersGo
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MC on MC. That is, our Michael Cohen writing about the Grizzlies' Mike Conley. Check it out:

Memphis, TN

Memphis Grizzlies are ready to be every top seed's nightmare

Memphis, TN

#tbt to that time @mrsfdrizzy choked Blake Griffin in the playoffs. #grizzlies #gritngrind

Memphis, TN

RT @zacharytthomas: Could this be the year of the 7 seeds? Is 7 really the lucky number? 7 seed Uconn won the NCAA title. Now Grizzlies turn to make it happen!

Memphis, TN

RT @MemphisOnTV: The TV schedule for the Memphis Grizzlies-OKC Thunder NBA Playoffs series is up. View it here:

Memphis, TN

GRIZZ NATION stand up ! Your Memphis Grizzlies are 7th Seed !

Memphis, TN

Grizzlies beat Mavericks, playoff match up set

Memphis, TN. USA

Grizzlies release first round playoff schedule

Memphis, TN

Grizzlies Playoff Tickets

Memphis, TN

RT @MemphisOnTV: The TV schedule for the Memphis Grizzlies-OKC Thunder NBA Playoffs series is up. View it here:

Memphis, TN


The @memgrizz are headed to OKC. @aa000G9 is ready.
7th (seed) Heaven! Grizzlies get 50 wins. Hot damn here comes the OKC Thunder. Go Grizzlies!
GRIZZLIES WIN!! 7th seed is ours!!! Watch out OKC, here come the #GritNGrind bears!!! Here comes Z-Bo!!


RT @BleacherReport: Mike Conley hits 2 FTs with 1.1 seconds left to give Memphis a 106-105 OT win and secure the 7th seed in the west!
Now this is how you dress for a massive Grizzlies game. Turn down for what...
Caught me. RT @Aroundthe901: Hey @ChrisVernonShow is that you in the background celebrating early LOL!