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Vine by Harrison Nussbaum - I CAN FEEL IT COMING IN THE AIR TONIGHT #puppyvine #cuteanimals
Your Hockey Vines's post on Vine - Vine by Your Hockey Vines - #datsyuk
Vine by zigzagswag - Proper hug 😩💘💖💞👫
- Vine by Better Then Porn
Soulja Boy's post on Vine - Vine by Soulja Boy Tell 'Em - Ya dig
Vine by honeymaknae - This hurts so much *sound of heart crashing on the floor* #jungkook #BTS #정국 #방탄소년단
- Vine by Better Then Porn
Vine by D.O. That Dick Tho - I haven't posted for like 4 days and this is terrible 😭
- Vine by Better Then Porn
Vine by Frankie Zia - Who's got NEXT ⁉️😂
Vine by ReyIncognito - David Zepeda HD PORN VIDEO 3/3 Revine for more videos of STRAIGHT GUYS
- Vine by Better Then Porn
Vine by °•° Artic Moon °•° - Need this on repeat too tbh ~
- Vine by Better Then Porn
- Vine by Better Then Porn
When working for Pornhub goes wrong! - Vine by JaylinDunsonTV - When working for Pornhub goes wrong!
- Vine by Better Then Porn
Vine by Elve - Anti drug commercials be like
- Vine by Better Then Porn
- Vine by Better Then Porn
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Directed by Maz 

Official music video by Don Mega ft. Problem Child performing Dont. 2015 Mega Muzik
Billionaire Baby Spendability (official music video) by.J.Mattison Films
Description: Billionaire Baby is the  new upcoming Artist from Miami, Fl. This video is his debut launching off with a strong statement "Hater" which is his introduction to the music scene and a public service announcement of how successful and properous he will be this year and every year. Stay tuned for more from Billionaire Baby....he has many more hits where this came from."
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Vous pouvez jouer à Clash Of Clan sur votre PC sans gaspiller votre argent !

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a dark, gritty future where a new breed of Black Ops soldier emerges and the lines are blurred between our own humanity and the cutting-edge military robotics that define the future of combat. 

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Corvette 😏
Así no hables ingles, el video tiene subtítulos en español. Nuestro objetivo es que este video se haga viral a nivel global y que Venezuela sea tópico a nivel internacional! Por eso debemos difundir, Difundir, y DIFUNDIR este video lo masssss que puedas! No dejemos a nuestros estudiantes solos.

Salvémoslos, un clic a la vez. 



The biggest misconception of the century, 
comes with a heavy prize.

It has been said “that something as small as the flutter of a butterflys wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” What consequence then, will the rise of freedom in Venezuela have on the world?
Many still believe Venezuela is a democracy, but together we can defeat that dangerous misconception. 
Regardless of what political ideology you support, let us come together and stand behind these students, and their noble act of defiance. 

Change your profiles, and please share this video as much as you possibly can. Help share Our Story.

Be our voice.
We need you.



This video was made by students, for students, for AWARENESS purposes only.
We do not own any of the material used to make this video.
Especial thanks to all the amazing composers who allowed us 
to use their music to further spread our message. 

Every track on this video was carefully chosen from more than 
300 different songs. 
The music used for this video has been modified to fit the videos time-frame. 
If you want to hear the musical tracks at their best, we encourage you to visit 
their corresponding composers channel!
The rightful owners of this video may not agree with the content of this video.



"Siege Towers" (No Choir)
"The Last Ember"
"The New Earth" (No Choir)
"Ice of Phoenix"
"Blood and Stone"
"Oedipus Rex" (No Choir)
"Kidney Thief"
"Black Cauldron" 
"Breath and Life"
"Rising Dawn"
"Victory Lap"

Epic Score
"They Hit Without Warning"
"Battle for All Time"

Fesliyan Studios
"Take Down"

Axl Rosenberg
"Into The Wild II"

Sub Pub Music
"Bonebreaker" (Album: Ununpentium) - Composed by Goran Dragas
"Achren’s Fall" (Album: The Cauldron Born) - Composed by Mikkel Heimburger
For licensing requests, please contact:

Ethos Music
"The Battle"

"Kingdom Under Siege"

Keith Merrill

Bianca Ban
"Violent Storm"

Future World Music
"Dream Chasers"
Sweep complete! Steph Curry drops 39 Pts, Warriors beat Pelicans, 109-98. Golden State gets its 1st sweep since 1975.

The Sage Experience recorded "City Lights" at ILLBLOG Studios and it was written and produced by The Sage Experience himself. The song was originally recorded in December of 2013.  

MUSIC VIDEO: The video was directed by myself and @Saudoff courtesy of R-Tillery Productions.

Please follow him on IG: @followsage TWITTER: @iamsage
#followsage #thesageexperience

I would like to thank the fans that liked, retweeted, and favorite this song throughout the last few month.  I never thought this song would resonate with so many people across the world and now this song is getting the proper promotion, marketing and distribution.  Please listen for this song or buy on ITUNES, iHEART Radio, Pandora, and more.  Request this song on your local radio stations, wherever you live.  Peace love and happiness to all yours truly THE SAGE EXPERIENCE. 

I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me 
Ray Charles
Thanks To Brazzers Logo, I Cant Look At These 19 Photos Without Thinking Dirty!
Thank you @radiodisney!! Such a fun time! Dont forget to tune in to the #RDMA tomorrow on @DisneyChannel!
Una hora mas tarde vino la policía con una sirena. Se ligaron huevazos y ahora no les abren la puerta. Pero están acá
Woop feat. YG Ivy "Drugs" Official Video
Prod. by The Colleagues 
Dir. by Ghost
Twitter @TheRealWoopWoop
Instagram @TheRealWoopWoop

What a series for Steph Curry:
- Game 1: 34 Pts
- Game 2: 22 Pts
- Game 3: 40 Pts
- Game 4: 39 Pts
Regardez gratuitement nimporte quel film ou série en HD avec PopCorn Time !

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SlumpManJazzy Releases a dope single from "The Slumps" upcoming ep "Off The Shits"
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RT @mcten: Seeing the J.R. Smith-Jae Crowder situation reminds me of Metta World Peace-James Harden. MWP was suspended 6 games

Miami Florida

RT @BR_NBA: J.R. Smith has been ejected after receiving a Flagrant 2 for his hard foul on Jae Crowder #NBAPlayoffs

Miami Florida

RT @SportsCenter: J.R. Smith ejected after this hit on Jae Crowder. VIDEO:

Miami. USA

Cleveland's J.R. Smith ejected for foul against Jae Crowder: J.R. Smith has been ejected…

Miami Beach

RT @MySportsLegion: Kendrick Perkins lays out Jae Crowder. Suspension coming.

Miami, FL

RT @djstephfloss: Lol. RT @EEzyLiving: That's ji karma for jae crowder but I'm sipping this beverage minding my business lol


Basketball Training J.R. Smith ejected after head shot on Jae Crowder (VIDEO)

Miami, Florida

RT @basketballtalk: J.R. Smith ejected after head shot on Jae Crowder (VIDEO)

Miami, FL

RT @MySportsLegion: Kendrick Perkins lays out Jae Crowder. Suspension coming.

Miami fl

RT @SportsCenter: Game 4 continues to be physical between Cavs & Celtics. Kendrick Perkins and Jae Crowder tangle after hard screen.

Florida, Georgia, D.C., Miami






Meanwhile Baltimores like WTF is #TidalFacts