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Midland ranks 11th among small metro areas for 'successful aging': The Tall City has been ranked 11th out of 2...

Midland, TX

Traffic Lights are out at Loop 250 and Tremont in Midland.

ÜT: 31.984418,-102.111343

Mine is Mike Conaway. He is a good dude. 6 Desta Drive, Midland, TX 79705 (432) 687-2390

Midland, Texas

Me n @RJAguero15 stuck in that oil town rush hour in Midland..


@MattCollabro midland Texas

midland, texas

RTI Donor Services is proud to announce Midland Memorial Hospital's rose in the Donate Life Dedication Garden....

Midland, TX

RT @v_nessa12: I've been in midland for an hour & have no idea what to do now.

College Station/Midland TX

Trinity School of Midland students award 10 grants to area nonprofits:

Midland, Texas

@aleejandraa77 hell yea best place to be In the summer in Midland. Now we don't have squat!

Midland Tx

Back in Midland and there's traffic in places I've never seen traffic before ? I hate this overcrowded place

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