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Let this sink in 😭
Tamera Mowrys son is my favorite😍
Β‘Hala Madrid! Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, and Karim Benzema do the scoring for Real Madrid as they top Barcelona, 3-1.
Finale. #germergoat
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Time for Game 4 of the #WorldSeries on @fox6now. Following the game we have #Badgers highlights and @pipspicks w/ wrap up from Camp Randall.

Milwaukee, WI

RT @jaypo1961: Talked to mom about #Badgers game. She asked what UW in pregame drinks. "I will have some."

Milwaukee, WI

Joel Stave has 50 targets this season, 16 to Alex Erickson (32%); Tanner McEvoy 110 targets, 42 to Erickson (38.2%) #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

McEvoy targets vs. Maryland: Erickson, Gordon 2; Doe, Rushing, Traylor 1 #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

Note: One of those targets to Doe was wiped out due to defensive pass interference (which is why targets don't equal attempts). #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

Stave targets vs. Maryland: Erickson 5; Arneson, Doe, Fredrick, Fumagalli 2; Love 1 + 2 thrown away #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

RT @dave_heller: Maryland was 0 for 10 on third-down conversions in the 2nd-4th quarters. #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

RT @dave_heller: Melvin Gordon has had 21 carries in the fourth quarter over seven games, Had 0 today vs. Maryland. #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

Troy Fumagalli had been 5-for-5 on targets, but was 1-for-3 vs. Maryland including a drop. Only one perfect now is Ramesh, 2-for-2. #Badgers

Whitefish Bay, WI

β€œ@jessetemple: My God, a deep play-action pass! And it was completed. Joel Stave to Alex Erickson for 43 yards. That's #Badgers football.”



#Fall in the city




The haunted forest selfie station is up. Get your haunted selfies on!! #halloweenfest