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#PutInWork [Spoken Word] by @BenPhrases
Brian Floyd's post on Vine - RAAAAAAAIDERS - Brian Floyd's post on Vine
'Pitch Perfect 2' Trailer
•psychedelic edits•'s post on Vine - Quick Ed edit - attractive celebs's post on Vine
Puke Rainbows Creative
Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time (Extended Cut)
Asaram bapu scandal: Godman used to take drugs, and test it on Minor girls
Anthony Slater's post on Vine - Crazy TD by West Virginia - Anthony Slater's post on Vine
Minnesota Food Taste Test
Toronto Maple Leafs fans finish singing US anthem after technical difficulties
Respectmyjays_'s post on Vine - "How many stars are on the American flag?" - Respectmyjays_'s post on Vine
Felton's vlog #33 Blooper Bonanza
Steve Alien's post on Vine - I'm In Love With #Chipotle (Remix) Vine By Steve Alien @SteveAlien Worst Dancers And Singers #OTGenasis #CoCo #ChipotleKid #SteveAlien - Steve Alien's post on Vine
Max Jr's post on Vine - When you mess with the wrong dog 😳..... w/ Gary Rojas - Max Jr's post on Vine
Augie & Zach's post on Vine - White boys are evolving 🏀#basketball #whitebballsuccess #NCAA - Augie & Zach's post on Vine
@JaySoLate's post on Vine - 😂😂 where was this when we was together?? #FAWKYOUMEAN - @JaySoLate's post on Vine
Nicholas McCullom ™'s post on Vine - When Your Mom Tries To Wake You Up For School But Your already Up Like... - Nicholas McCullom ™'s post on Vine
Ronald Reagan calls for an open border with Mexico, 1980
A Brother Can Dream....RIGHT?LOL
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Another mystery solved by LLPD.  Here is why the @nytimes  said grape salad is a Minnesota Dish #grapegate
Ask me how glad I am I moved. "@MaherNotMayer If you dont like Buffalo, well, theres the door." @ScottFilmCritic
Who wants to hear #SoundsLikeVictory? 30 RTs and well post a clip of "Through It All" to our Instagram. Ready? Go!
#TBT: RT for a chance to win #mnwild star @t_vanek26s #USHL bobblehead
Good thing we read all the Little House on the Prairie books at home in preparation. @NWSTwinCities
Giveaway time! RT for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see @Wet live in the Entry this Sunday.
theres a photographer that takes photos of dogs mid jumping and ive been laughing for about half an hour
HE SHOOTS HE SCORES! @NBjugstad72 gets two in regulation & one in the shootout. Cats win 3-2!
Does this stadium look ready to host a football game Sunday?
With that Raiders win, the 2014 NFL circle of parity is complete.
What do you think, should we swap out the cherry for a traditional Minnesotan grape? #embracethegrape #grapegate
OMG t-shirt sighting at @CoCoMSP today! Looking good @ak310i @experimatt and @AdriennePeirce!
JUST IN: Field for #PRTipOff15: Butler, Miami, Minnesota, Mississippi St., Missouri State, Temple, Texas Tech, & Utah
@GoldytheGopher @FauxPelini @RedditCFB How does this work? Its the best I could design with a $5 budget.
Spreading flyers for the show on 12/16 @icehousempls! Excited for @ftoitox @Metasota @GenreTreason  & @CobraLegionHCL
This is deep
ICYMI: Final from the Barn tonight - @GopherMBB 109, Franklin Pierce 57 #RaisetheBarn #Gophers
cc: @carissarho RT @AndreaWoo Everyone who aspired to write the greatest headline ever can give up now.
47 years ago today Nicollet Mall was first closed to car traffic  #aheadofthecurve @mnhs @Growingmpls @hclib
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