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Who need a ticket?

Mobile, Alabama

RT @aquuarrius: #Aquarians don't give themselves up easily.

Mobile, Alabama

RT @aquuarrius: #Aquarians will remain loyal but once crossed deep down it's not likely that they will trust you again.

Mobile, Alabama

RT @aquuarrius: #Aquarians have an imagination so wide and complicated that it's hard for them to explain exactly what they see and feel.

Mobile, Alabama


Mobile, Alabama

“@WakeUp__America: The american dream”

Mobile, Alabama

RT @WakeUp__America: The american dream

Mobile, Alabama

RT @aquuarrius: #Aquarians will break up with you with a straight, cold face. Later when alone is when they will cry.

Mobile, Alabama

RT @AthleteSwag: Motivational quote of the day!

Mobile, Alabama

If God bless u with a special talent why not use it?

Mobile, Alabama