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RT @cortezcuhz: I like curry not the warriors

Modesto, CA

@WizardWesley37 exactly 2 bigs to one and Memphis can at least defend the guard play of warriors. Memphis big 3 combined 57? #ouch

Modesto, California

@WizardWesley37 Memphis is a better team in my opinion. Warriors lack an inside presence to carry them if curry or lay struggle

Modesto, California

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If the Warriors want to win a title splash bros have to go a combined 40 minimum every game

Modesto, California

Lookin tough for the Warriors

Modesto, Ca

Warriors need to come back with a vengeance and blow Memphis out on their home floor. Can't let this series get any more interesting.

Modesto, CA

Guess the Warriors aren't going to sweep the Grizzlies.

Modesto, CA

RT @BleacherReport: Warriors fans looking at the team’s 45 points with 6:50 left in the third like… HOW?

Modesto California

Warriors need to start actually making buckets