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#napaquake If you'd like to donate to our Earthquake Relief Fund to help rebuild our church, visit THANK YOU!

625 Randolph Street, Napa CA

If you would like to make a donation to our Earthquake Relief Fund to rebuild our church, please visit

625 Randolph Street, Napa CA

I didn't feel the earthquake we need a bigger one.

Napa, CA

#glutenfree #emergency #foodpantry The recent earthquake here in Napa brought up an important discussion for my hous…

Napa, CA

RT @RickBakas: You can help Carpe Diem Earthquake Relief by Carpe Diem - GoFundMe #napaquake

Napa, CA

Carpe Diem Earthquake Relief via @gofundme Great food, great people, please help. @CarpeDiem #napastrong

Napa, CA

A bunch of asst. cake candles fell off the shelf during earthquake, but out of the single numeral candles, only the 3's fell off the hooks.


We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend! Unfortunately, due to the recent earthquake, we're…

Napa, CA




RT @NVR_Photo: Repairs begin at Alexandria Sq following #NapaQuake coverage @NapaRegister