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A dream come true
"you can beat my ass but my daddy will sue" outfit.
Forget Kylie Jenner lets focus on Brody 😍😍
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I went to Lincoln, not Jefferson. And, I did come up with a favorite author after this was printed:

Naperville, IL

Fav for a DM from me n @sciucur


Yippie-i-oh! RT @Chapter2Books: Kate DiCamillo Recipient of Voice of the Heartland

Naperville, Illinois

Now Chrysler Is Recalling 800K Jeep SUVs For Ignition Problems

Naperville, IL

Talk about nostalgia, whew. Article I was interviewed for when I was 12. Pic not included. Info only semiaccurate

Naperville, IL

RT @Simpsons_tweets: And that's how, with a few minor adjustments, you can turn a regular gun, into five guns.

Naperville, IL

This is bullshit. I'd rather be at home playing Destiny.

Naperville, Illinois

RT @WSJ: More protein in breakfast sandwiches often means more calories. How they stack up:

Chicago - Naperville IL

RT @Sheldon_Jokes: how I feel 99% of the time


It's a steak and steak fries kinda night at the Finley Home.

Naperville, Illinois