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RT @pourmecoffee: The most fun job in the world right now has to be playing Trump in your candidate's debate prep. That is true freedom, living the dream.

Road warrior/Naples,FL

RT @WayneDupreeShow: Top 5 Candidates 2 Pick Up Democratic Votes b/c of personal experiences/life stories 1. Rubio 2. Cruz 3. Carson 4. Trump 5. Fiorina/Kasich

Naples, Florida

What Donald Trump says about his policy platform

Naples, FL

Trump-Cuban 2016? ‘Shark Tank’ Star Would Consider It #sharktank #stuckonfirst

Naples, Fl

I'm watching Rand Paul calls Trump's rise "... on

Naples, Florida

Donald Trump Falls Apart When Called Out On His Racism Towards African-Americans via @politicususa

Chicago Il- Naples FL

Trump: Obama Set A 'Poor Standard' For Blacks -- And Now 'They Are Worse Than Just About Ever':… | @crooksandliars

Naples, FL

RT @SteveKrak: @mattklewis smart aides to the other candidates would make sure their guy doesn't mention Trump by name: The Voldemort Strategy.

Naples, FL

Trump says won't be 'throwing punches' in U.S. Republican debate: Donald Trump, the man to beat in this week's...

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