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Betho's post on Vine - This turtle needs to go down in history as the fastest turtle in the world #amazing 🐢💨🏆 - Betho's post on Vine
DANYELI's post on Vine - 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 - DANYELI's post on Vine
Sara Miller's post on Vine - Throw back to 2 days ago when I almost killed myself with this bucket...😳 #icebucketchallenge - Sara Miller's post on Vine
Gage vs Al 40 cal
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Best correction ever
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RT @wyethwire: And nobody was shot #Ferguson MT @Live5News Trooper who arrested NFL player for speeding fired

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RT @sonsandbros: POWERFUL: A father talks to his son about #MikeBrown. These are our #SonsAndBrothers #Ferguson (via @AshleyCodianni)

new haven ct

RT @mearest: My @tnr piece on the #history behind #ferguson. #Schools and residential #segregation matter too.

New Haven, CT

Inspired by #Ferguson, @MsLaurynHill released a new song #BlackRage, a reworking of #MyFavoriteThings.

New Haven, CT

#Ferguson has made me once again realize how many all-white paneled podcasts I follow that I don't need to hear from right now.

New Haven, CT

RT @OutFrontCNN: 3 Blacks, 9 Whites on grand jury weighing #Ferguson shooting case @CNN

New Haven Ct

How One City Is Publicly Acknowledging Racist History #Ferguson #MichaelBrown #WhatWeCanDo @ritaarens @BlogHer

New Haven, CT, USA