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"Lil Wayne is from New Orleans, he is not from Louisiana" 😂😂💀 dead
Vine by @StoolMilmore - Barstool Sports - It was a good run
Wait for it.....
one of Drake's best hooks. 💕
prime example: New Orleans bums are picky af 😂 they not asking for $1 they asking for $2 now 😂😂 I love Chris
Vine by CUZO - 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the break up will happen if they lose game 7 #TeamEdit
Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek
Boosie explaining why he left Louisiana is some real shit. Gtf outta here once you can.
Vine by @World_Wide_Wob - YYYYYYYYYYACKEMM
this man's moves are naaaaastyyyyyy! he is only 14!!!!!
My mom after they pulled me out the gorilla enclosure "They killed a gorilla cause you wanna act a fool"
#OTBP4 JUNE 17th
- Vine by Moleman
When your girl got a attitude with you and you don't know what tf you did
We are here Baton Rouge, LA #bayoucountrysuperfest
🙊.. 100 RT's I'm dropping today at 6!
Kevin Gates preaching
new orleans be like part 1 😂.
"Nigga is this napkin?" 😂😂😂😂😂 RT @WeNotSocks: Black people try vegan fried chicken
LeBron at home like:
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Son this is mad accurate
"youre not going anywhere wearing that."
"why didnt you text me back?"
"you cant talk to any other dudes."
Play your cards right and this the same girl for real lol RT @_Lamonte: Girls I like vs girls I also like
This is how I see yellow lights when Im debating if I should stop or gas it
R.I.P To New Orleans Finest.
My mom left me in charge of the cake for my graduation party
my parents better step up their game
I could legit eat this all day 😍
After you run around @lsu stadium singing #vacation you just sorta collapse at the end... Thanks for a fun night
If Gucci lost the belly then its time to hit the gym
Baton Rouge Regional
June 3-6
1. LSU
2. Rice 
3. Southeastern
4. Utah Valley
Niggas be like
When he finds out all you needed was food to get rid of that attitude
my parents better step up their game
BRUH. Why did my cousin post this???? WHY????
Hope you enjoyed my photos from Paris.
A gorilla chasing a kid got 1000x more media coverage than 700 African refugees that drowned in the Mediterranean.
Him: "Ur not goin anywhere wearing that"
Him: "Why didnt u text me back?"
Him: "U cant talk to any other guys"
Thank you to all the true Saints that made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us
Friends and family in shock after two fatally shot in 3300 block of Gen Taylor
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RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA

RT @HellaBandz_elz: Only want you .... #Shawty #ThisWeek

New Orleans, LA






Vine by NBA - Klay Thompson raises the @Warriors Western Conference Finals Championship ????! #PhantomCam
OKC fans every time Curry or Klay splash a 3
loyal bf: this nigga loves you to the moon and back. will literally kick a bitch before he cheats on u. eats ass too
dreamer bf: this a unique species. he got a vision, u just gotta struggle w him a lil bit, but its gon be worth it
optimistic bf: this nigga always talking about yall future but he stay doing dumb shit so yall break up every week
faithful bf: this nigga aint never gon cheat on you...he a church boy, he respects you, his mama raised him right
whatever it takes bf: this nigga will literally break outta prison to see u. he love da fuck outta u
up&coming bf: dis nigga used to be an aint shit nigga, but he realized u special so he changed his ways
thoughtful bf: this nigga always doing some shit w u in mind, makes sure u good before he takes care of himself
sensitive bf: this nigga always cry when yall arguing, think he tough tho, texts u song lyrics all the time
funny bf: this nigga hilarious, u love him because he makes u laugh all the time. u just love being around him
lowkey smart bf: this nigga always using words way outta ya vocab, carries around a dictionary, wins every argument
broken promises bf: this nigga never on time for shit! you dont believe nothing he got to say cuz he always lying
thot bf: this nigga will post u as his WCW and then send a bitch a dick pic. will deny unless u have proof.
I dont see the problem bf: no matter what he does this nigga doesnt see a problem w it
abusive bf: this nigga the worst, he beats women...he aint been the same since Stoney moved to Mexico
ratchet gf: you always gotta calm her down bc she always arguing in public, always eating sunflower seeds tho


Vine by NBA - Celebrating with the family! #LeanInTogether #ThisIsWhyWePlay
Vine by NBA - Russ getting ????⬆️ for game 7
Vine by NBA - Just stop it...#NBAVine
Vine by NBA - The OKC THUNDER make their way into the half with a 48-42 lead
Vine by NBA - Russ ran off on the pregame 3! ???????????????? GAME 7 on TNT. #WARRIORSvTHUNDER
Vine by NBA - Steph Curry beats the first-half buzzer! #WARRIORSvTHUNDER #PhantomCam
Vine by NBA - KD out on the court prior to tonights game 7 on TNT at 9pm/et
A family celebration! @stephencurry30 #LeanInTogether
Vine by NBA - Curry beats the buzzer in style on NBA on TNT! #NBAVine
Vine by NBA - Klay Thompson raises the @Warriors Western Conference Finals Championship ????! #PhantomCam
Vine by NBA - Steph Curry splashes his way into the #NBAFinals #NBAMotion
Vine by NBA - Steph & KD embrace after an incredible Western Conference Finals series! #ThisIsWhyWePlay
Vine by NBA - Russ with the feline quickness on the break! #NBAVine
Vine by NBA - Livingston glides to the rack for the FLUSH on NBA on TNT! #NBAVine
The @warriors defeat the @okcthunder 96-88 to advance to the #NBAFinals.




.@LILBTHEBASEDGOD commented on Thunders loss to Warriors in Game 7.
#BasedGodCurseIsReal @KDTrey5 @okcthunder
.@KDTrey5 arrives for Game 7
Mightiest well come be a Laker next year @KDTrey5


Vine by CUZO - ???????????????????????? the break up will happen if they lose game 7 #TeamEdit
Russell Westbrook goes with the blue motif for his Game 7 outfit.
Russell Westbrook has now passed Gary Payton for most steals in Thunder/Supersonics playoff history (157).
KD: Whats up ma KD Mom: Tell that boy Russell to pass you the ball KD: Coach told him already ma, he dont listen


When you getting fouled but you know the officials not gone do nothing about it