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Vine by Shawn Mendes - New #ShawnTourVlog is up from Universal Orlando yestersay ! Full video on my insta !
Vine by 5sosDailyhelp - 5SOS out tonight with some friends ! (5.25.15)
Vine by too turnt tuna - Decided to jump on the bandwagon #snapbacklukeeditsto50k
Best of One Direction's post on Vine - Vine by Best of One Direction - "I'm in love with LOU and all HIS little things" The look on Louis' face proves that's what he said
Vine by Madison Spence - WTF #LARRYISREAL #larrystylinson #1d #charliecharliechallenge #charliechallenge #onedirection #harry #louis
Vine by JigSaw1501 - Charlie Charlie estas ahí? #charliecharliechallenge #charlie 😱
Vine by Un Abogado DICE ™ - Maldito jose jose se acabó la chela....
Vine by diegosaurs - Yeah my hair is purple wut.
Vine by ok cool - WHAT HAVE I DONE 😂 #CharlieCharlie #charliecharliechallenge
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THUMBS UP for cute desks! 

Giveaway Details
1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Tweet the link to this video with the hash tag #NewBethVideo

THATS IT! Im so excited about this giveaway :) good luck to everyone! (winner will be chosen by random)

I just recently gave my desk an entire makeover! Here are some of my favorite DIY organization projects and also my desk essentials :) (yes there is food included) (you know me) 

If you try decided to spice up your desk space send me pics!
I wanna see :) use the hash tag #DIYwithBeth


Lets chat!





“@justinbieber: Little sweat never hurt nobody @john @rudymancuso @KingBach”
First recorded attempt at Vibey in scrabble.
#charliecharliechallenge JOSE JOSE JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA”
His creation is breathtaking
Preach it, Im with you!! 🙏✊😇 #charliechallenge #charliecharliechallenge
I never know what to caption photos
Yesterday at Harry Potter world in Orlando with Brooke 😊 #ShawnTourVlogs
TO RINDO #charliecharliechallenge
Charlie charlie estas ahí??
Hanging out with my girl
Just put my old prom dress on... I feel like a princess right now! 🙈
Kev is so chuffed, hes finally got me to play golf
Happier Than Gilmore
¡¡FELICIDADES!! @mangelrogel :D
FAV si te gustaría darme besitos como Frodo 😛
CRYING LITERAL TEARS RIGHT NO OH MY GOD 😭😭😭😭😭 #charliecharliechallenge
CD9 celebrará el lanzamiento europeo de su disco “Love & Live” con este evento retransmitido en directo desde Madrid, y presentado por Tony Aguilar.
La edición española de su primer álbum, "Love & Live", a la venta en España desde el 25 de Mayo.
Animacion by BortzProductions:
Like para moaaaar animaciones awesome! :D Este video está basado en el gameplay que hice de P.T.:

Pagina Web AWESOME!
Suscribete! :D
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¡¡FELICIDADES!! @mangelrogel :D
¡Felicidades Mangelito! Te quiero muchísimo @mangelrogel #MangelSoplaLaVela ????????????????????????

@mangelrogel Felicidadeees! :D

Little sweat never hurt nobody @john @rudymancuso @KingBach
Little sweat never hurt nobody @john @rudymancuso @KingBach


Little sweat never hurt nobody @john @rudymancuso @KingBach
@valeedobrev Es que no hay forma de olvidarme de tus besos ♫