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One Direction - Steal My Girl
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Sneak Peek - Disney On Ice presents Frozen
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Poor Doggy! (10.24.14 - Day 313) daily vlogs
Mayor de Blasio Hosts Press Conference to Update New Yorkers on the Patient at Bellevue Hospital
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Singing Duo (10.23.14 - Day 312) daily vlogs
The Green Healthy Organic Food Store - Health Benefits of Eating A Diet of Natural and Organic Foods
YungDooDooDaddy's post on Vine - LEBRON JAMES - DARius's post on Vine
Art for BTWFoundation
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Mightyduck's post on Vine - If you see someone on their phone while driving do this to them. Wale Akin - Mightyduck's post on Vine
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Tetris talk.
Once a wildcat, always a wildcat!Cant believe its been 6 years since I graduated from east high lol #HSM3memories
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America.
After that, life figures itself out
Track 10
Today, then Sunday... Then its here!!
The Billboard Review
2 more days!!!!!! PS Ive never loved you more, you loyal, protective, wonderful people.
Me as a dog owner
Let this sink in 😭
Bonus Track (Only available at Target)
2 days, guys.
Just found the most accurate horoscope!
FINAL: Real Madrid 3-1 Barcelona (C.Ronaldo, 34’; Pepe, 50’; Benzema, 61’ / Neymar, 3’) #RealMadridvsFCB #RMLive
Ready for the big game… #Mercurial
Stock market volatility vs volume of searches on Ebola
Well, damn. Forget Earth. All of time and space is screwed. #DoctorWho has the Ebola virus. And went bowling!
URGENT: Authorities in #Iran confirmed Reyhaneh Jabbari is set to be executed at dawn. Act now
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Classico.⚽️ #Barcelona #Messi

New York City

RT @terrybaddoo: Hate to say it, but, for me, #Messi's impact so far has been of #Balotelli proportions.

New York, NY

RT @yonseljan: #Messi pèdi maji an


#Bousquet #Mathieu #Neymar #Messi ...who else...the coach who lined #Suarez... my Saturday is stolen ...tremendous #Benzema!

New York, NY

Celebrating #RealMadrid's lead for this Clasico #elclasico #RealMadrid #FCBarcelona #ronaldo #messi…

New York City

RT @worldsoccershop: Reminder: If #Messi scores in today’s #elclasico we’ll give away his adidas #F50 Boots! Follow us & RT to enter!


Dani Carvajal has made #Messi look like a fool in today's match!! Magnificent performance from the right-back!! #HalaMadrid #ElClasico

New York City

RT @worldsoccershop: If #Messi scores in today’s #elclasico we’ll give away his adidas #F50 Boots! Follow @worldsoccershop & RT to enter!

New York

RT @worldsoccershop: If #Messi scores in today’s #elclasico we’ll give away his adidas #F50 Boots! Follow @worldsoccershop & RT to enter!

New York

Amazing match going on right now between Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona #elclasico #primeradivision #messi #ronaldo #suarez

New York, NY








RT @MarcusButler: Selfie inside a selfie
RT if this sloth takes better selfies than you
RT @AmandaEfrosini: @LouBrutus:1more selfie from Ebola in NYC.Here he is at Radio City for The Rockettes. #EbolaInNYC” @jabriellee ????
Selfie vs someone taking a pic of you
“@DJZeeti: twitpic a selfie if you have nice lips”
“Another selfie from Ebola in NYC on the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building #EbolaInNYC” @jabriellee
RT @SaraJBenincasa: Its my birthday I can selfie if I want to
#NYC seen this couple? Come to @GrandCentralNYC, take a selfie w/ them & win a trip to #chile. #takeabreakinChile
RT @YolieTheJew: This explains her career. RT @DJZeeti: selfie game verified accounts
“@DJZeeti: twitpic a selfie with your eyebrows on point” Flinnnnneekkkk ????????