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Good night????

Huntington Beach, CA

Omg! @Cody liked my post on #vine! #fangirling

Huntington Beach

RT @VaylinaA: Throwback to when I met Taylor

Huntington beach


Huntington Beach, CA

It's been a week since surgery and I just realized they shaved my armpit ????

Huntington Beach

RT @BattlesOfSports: Better QB? RT For Peyton Manning Fav For Drew Brees

Huntington Beach

I'm now working in the same exact office space that my grandfather worked in 50 years ago while it was working for the military. So cool.

Huntington Beach

RT @RealityDance1: Want to play @sammywilk love interest in his new song? Casting for fans n one lucky girl ask me how @sammywilk @billykmusic #sammysnewsong

Huntington beach

Nichole meant to type that her boyfriends name was kian but she wasn't paying attention and typed Juan ???? @nichole_gennock

huntington beach

booked my flight back to SF's now hitting me that everyone's starting to leave to go back to school & it's making me sad????????

huntington beach✈san francisco