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Absolutely brilliant and so true ? Wales Election 2016: #borderline comedy and prescriptions -

North Wales

if ya ever looking for a thick gorm from North Wales go to Flint McDonalds, guarantee you'll find a fair few

North Wales

@patrickthemurph frustrating! Come to N Wales can show you some in their breeding habitat.

Llandudno North Wales

@V_the_Obscure @MammaTort @Sianz i rarely go anywhere to send postcards from! unless they are of places of interest in North Wales ;)

North Wales

So many good birds on today's Birdwatching Trip N Wales! Over 80 species enjoyed, great scenery & great fun! Join us

Llandudno North Wales

Holyhead cruiseliner's no-show could cost North Wales economy £150,000

North Wales

RT @welshlabour: WATCH: In 2011, we promised to stand up for Wales. We did that, but we also did so much more #Wales2016 #Senedd16

North Wales

2016 is THE Year of Adventure in Wales-stay at Cadair View Lodge to be in heart of it all #AdventureWales #cvlw

Snowdonia, North Wales

Please RT to all golf clubs in North Wales this link for this upcoming golf forum event

North Wales

Temperatures in North wales are set to rise this week #about time too

North Wales




Vote Labour 3 times on May 5 to elect a Welsh Labour government!