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camila siendo camila esto no puede faltar mi retrasada flaca #5HPoolParty
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Jossy got me all into this bruce jenner shit ??

Norwalk , CT

RT @people: "I thought maybe it was just a passing phase." - Bruce Jenner's sister #BruceJennerABC

Norwalk, CT

RT @puu_nani: aw poor Bruce Jenner ? I'm so glad he's finally embracing his real self

Norwalk, CT

RT @THR: Bruce Jenner: "I am a woman" (Video)

Norwalk, CT

RT @cthagod: Don't you dare slander Bruce Jenner for cross dressing if you a Young Thug fan.

Norwalk, CT

RT @CapehartJ: Bruce Jenner, Jacob Lemay and what it means to be transgender.

San Diego | Norwalk CT

RT @cnnbrk: Bruce Jenner tells ABC's Diane Sawyer, "I'm a woman."

Stamford/Norwalk, CT

RT @Andy: Bruce will change so many people's lives

Norwalk, CT

RT @DavidCornDC: Is Bruce Jenner going to announce a presidential run tonight?


One thing about Bruce is he has a lovable personality #BruceJennerInterview

CT & ---- ✈ Around the WORLD




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