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Also.. Here's my good morning message for the day. Well.. Video message.
When you spot yourself on the big screen and want people to think you've got a plan...
CONTE GOES MAD (via @philousports)
Young Ugly God cock yo bitch like a pistol. 💕
Le commentateur islandais a refait des siennes ce soir 😂😂😂😂😂
being in Brasil again got me like
Vine by Mike Goldfarb | Shaqtin a Fool - Say what you want about him but the Shaqtin MVP is entertaining! 😂
England vs. Iceland summed up.
Fifth Harmony no aeroporto de Porto Alegre #5HnoBrasil
They're back 🔥
me @ anyone who doesn't like me
papa h jogando tênis com os fãs, melhor pessoa sim ou claro?? #5HnoBrasil
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅㅋㄱㅋㄱㅋ ㄱㅋ ㅋㄱㅋㅅㅋㅋㅋㅋ이런ㅇ거 너무조앜ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋ
when you see your friend upset
Brittany ain't going nowhere 🙄💕
#727TourArgentina last night was amazing, thank you so much ⚡️
haters will say photoshop
Gente eu to rindo muito pq essa seria eu KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
"aye my homeboy want to talk to you." "who?" my homeboy:
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ny to seoul #김데일리
3 days // SLFL
senti sua falta 🇧🇷 #Brazil eu te amo!!
This amazing soul is 20 now!! #HappyBirthdayLauren 💫
Giving the skins hell at Johns studio the other day, felt good to record... @JohnFeldy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLO!!! @laurenjauregui The last of my children 😰 lol. Oh my goodness. 20! Ahhhhhh. Welcome to the club, honey! So where do I begin? You know we have been through so much together. Stories for days. We have stood tall and conquered so much that came our way. Rose above it. We have shed so many tears together. We have fallen to the floor laughing together. We have walked this crazy journey together. We have seen each other grow together. Thank you for being a friend to me. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on. Thank you for being a voice. Thank you for being your firey self. Thank you for your passion for justice. Thank you for the laughs weve shared. Thank you for helping me in a time I needed it most...I will never forget helped me navigate through a pivotal part of my life...and for that Ill always be grateful ❤️ You know whenever you need me, Ill be here. I remember having banana bread pudding and creme brulee right after we got formed, curious what the future held...and now look. I love you so much Lauren. Now lets have fun in BRAZIL! God bless you girly, and happy birthday!!! 🎂
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our middle baby ✨ I thank you for all that youve done for this group. You are such a significant piece to this puzzle. I cannot imagine these past four years not being able to see you along side me. My heart is so full knowing that I truly have a friend of a lifetime within you. We always talk about how well be at each others weddings one day and how our kids will go on play dates together. Of course in the near near near future. I can definitely bet on that happening. Im so grateful that you walked into my life. I cannot begin to tell you how much of an impact you have on me. I can always count on you to comment on how beautiful my skin is. I cannot remember a time that you didnt let me know how bomb my body is. Anytime we dont stand next to each other on the red carpet we freak out a little bit because we always slay most when were by one another for some strange reason. * brushes eyebrows with middle fingers * insider lol I love you to the moon, around Mars, a million times from Jupiter to Venus and back. Youre such a light of wisdom, compassion and love. I am so blessed to be able to say that I know you. It kinda sucks for those that dont because they are missing out on someone really special. We celebrate you today and every other day. I love you my lil rebel ❤️🌹this is our year. #20 @laurenjauregui
편할땐 역시 통이 이정돈돼야지
Te quiero ché!! 🇬🇹
Happy Birthday to @fifthharmonys @laurenjauregui! 🎂 we hope you have an amazing day! 🍾 #HappyBirthdayLauren
this is wild — apparently just stealing the IDEA would take too much work, so @Ford literally stole the official art
Me around this time 😅
Happy 20th birthday to my number one! I love you so so much and Im so incredibly proud of everything u do❤️❤️
"Yep, got my man back"
Missing #GetWeirdTourEurope already! Such an unforgettable experience and you guys made it so special 💖😘💃🎤 X leigh
#꽃미남브로맨스 8번째 주인공, 훈훈한 선후배 #신화 #이민우 & #방탄소년단 #정국! 18살 나이차 쯤이야 우정으로 극뽁 하잖아요(ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡
*gets text at 10 pm* 
"lol lets hangout"
"wanna go to this party"
"ill swoop you"
[SEVENTEEN NEWS] ‘Love & Letter’ repackage album OFFICIAL PHOTO 03 #160704 #WONWOO #SEVENTEEN #아주NICE #VERY #NICE
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ny to seoul #김데일리

RT @hopeplus0218: 우리 어린이, 곰돌이는 먹는게 아니에요. 160513 신촌 @BTS_twt #제이홉 #정호석 #JHOPE #방탄소년단


RT @BTS_twt: 편할땐 역시 통이 이정돈돼야지


RT @hopeplus0218: 우리어린이, 그런귀여운 표정으로 땡깡부려도 곰돌인 못먹어요. #제이홉 #정호석 #JHOPE #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt


RT @mih_JM: 150524 압구정 팬싸 #지민 #JIMIIN @BTS_twt 우래기 잘 쉬고있나요ㅠㅡㅠ


@untchabIe @BTS_twt sunda... Aku tresno karo kowe, taehyung-ssi


@untchabIe @BTS_twt lalu isi mentabnya bahasa indo semua


@untchabIe @BTS_twt sampaikan salam cinta pada byun baekhyun nde,kim taehyung-ssi


RT @sugahoney930309: [HQ]160609 화양연화 On Stage Epilogue in Taiwan #방탄소년단 #SUGA #슈가 #BTS @BTS_twt cr:mischievous0309


RT @HIPSTATION_BTS: [TRANS] @BTS_twt: ตอนสบายๆขากางเกงก็ต้องประมาณนี้สิเนอะ


RT @BTS_twt: 편할땐 역시 통이 이정돈돼야지



ny to seoul #김데일리


3 days // SLFL




Handsome versions of cartoon characters always make me laugh ????


#꽃미남브로맨스 8번째 주인공, 훈훈한 선후배 #신화 #이민우 & #방탄소년단 #정국! 18살 나이차 쯤이야 우정으로 극뽁 하잖아요(ღˇ◡ˇ*)♡