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Ok but the 1996 DNC was lit
This kid got my life together in less than a minute
She brought niggas with her instead of females... Y'all should have known what she came to do
@skipg100 Yes! RightOnTV MOVIE App w/ova 1,000 Free Links, visit & Start WATCHIN'
Adventures in AC. What's that saying? "It ain't a party until..."
So my lil Brother Think he ah tough guy already 😂😂😂💯
I cried
Vine by Bleacher Report - Russ 😂 (via Aijalon O SoGMfe/Facebook)
In San Francisco Embarcadero Bart station today, officers pinned down black youth & punched him in the face #BLM
When a brown or black person tells me that I should vote democrat because republicans are "Racists " 😂 #TrumPence16
sometimes im jimmy butler but sometimes im melo, this is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
Vine by OAKLAND RAIDERS - First camp in Silver and Black...Sean Smith is making plays.
.@21savage: “It’s one simple thing that would get rid of all the problems in the world.”
Police surveillance is real! Spotted stingray, knocked, he opened. @DocMellyMel: "You're police?" Him: "Yeah."
Vine by @World_Wide_Wob - Harrison Barnes out here treating this exhibition like it's Game 7 of the NBA Finals
Zendaya singing Mario let me love you was the cutest thing I saw all day. Her voice pretty af 😍
Vine by OAKLAND RAIDERS - A strong interception by DJ Hayden during one-on-ones.
BACK TO BACK. Solo home runs by Reddick and Davis give the A's the 3-0 lead. #GreenCollar
Melo looks fed up 😂
- Vine by Sports Update
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we mobbin to that @Masoniq x @MistahFAB x @KeakDaSneak - Meal Ticket on 24/7 #BayArea #sl
The Warriors just added another MVP 😂
Former Trump ghostwriter on Wednesday; Trump today
In honor of Khizr Khan, get your FREE POCKET CONSTITUTION:
Wow. The real reason Trump wont release his tax returns:
Since this tweet got deleted
Attn: Brown/Black voters ! You keep electing Democrats who destroy our cities! Whats the definition of insanity? 🤔
Kodak Black has reportedly been sentenced to 3 Years #FreeKodak
GOP lawmakers collected data to ensure their voting restrictions reduced black turnout.
Actually quite brilliant.
Can we all at least agree that hero-bias & "but its really hard to finance" are no longer excuses for racism? TRY
Hillary Clinton is now the only Presidential candidate who has not publicly pandered to vaccine conspiracy theorists
Tape ++®Soon .... Stay Real and Be What you Wanna be 💕🔥🤘🏾® TPLT
Lmao the best one 😂😂😂
MY HEART & SOUL ! 😢! Run By Democrats for 53 straight years ! But Brown/Blacks dont vote Republican! #StayWoke
Shorty got me Today! Monday is new day! Have Great Weekend! Even You Vert #lol #gameisgame #otc #NYC #NowPlaying
Hell of an endorsement.
No filter needed for a perfect darkskin 🍫
Today in Berkeley is officially Capt. Cynthia Harris Day. Retiring after 41 years of principled & dedicated service.
By end of 2017, Berkeley could have a downtown network of protected bike lanes @peopleforbikes
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