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She wants my eggs, bacon, grits....😭💀
Personalized Hand Stamped Silver Pendant by ChristinaGuenther
ALL DAY (feat. Theophilus London, Allan Kingdom & Paul McCartney)
UPDATE #Oakland police search for suspect in shooting death of teen
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Oakland Tech students mourn death of classmate after he was fatally shot over the weekend.
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RT @loewenchris: @pmarca do you know of any venture firms that will fund AI startups that *may* unintentionally destroy the world? Asking for a friend.


RT @pmarca: Public notice: Our venture firm is open for business to fund AI startups without fear that they will unintentionally destroy the world!


RT @pmarca: Emergence = not a given. The atoms in one's hand don't spontaneously rearrange and slap oneself in the face. Even when they should! :-)

Berkeley, California

@pmarca @vgr Don't work in either, but am more afraid of un-intended consequences of artificial insemination: loss of genetic diversity!


RT @pmarca: The smartest people I know who do personally work on AI think the scaremongering coming from people who don't work on AI is lunacy.

Oakland, CA

@pmarca I sort of wonder if the private market competitive environment can ever marshall the massive resources needs to achieve AI-geddon.

iPhone: 37.869480,-122.267654

RT @stewart: @pmarca "Real" AI is impossible. I went to philosophy school, so I'm pretty sure this is true. Definitely pretty much more than 90% sure.

Oakland, CA

@pmarca @balajis agree it's not value of kW consumption. But "functionality value" of 1 BTC = funct of any sidechains. kW are common denom.

emeryville, ca

@pmarca @balajis $ price of BTC is psych'l & arbitrary - why don't we peg to kW energy prices, as underlying the exchange value?

emeryville, ca

@robsulkow @erikbryn @pmarca @mattyglesias Ansett Australia missing from list. 2001.

Oakland, CA, USA


Well now I have to kill myself ????


Wow you guys, I cannot even fathom why women would ever feel uncomfortable at GDC.