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???? no more thunder please

Odessa, TX

RT @_Sergg: “@reinapando: That emergency alert scared me more than the thunder itself”RT

Odessa TX

I don't handle thunderstorms very well...**lay in bed flinching at every flicker of lightning and crackle of thunder**

Odessa, Texas

This thunder is going HAM tonight. Wtf?

Odessa, Tx

Thunder is super loud and really booming ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Odessa, Texas

Thunder got me like

Odessa, Texas

Thunder woke me up ????


When I was lil I use to say when it would thunder it's because Jesus is bowling and he makes a strike ????


I need a thunder buddy ????????

odessa Texas !

Man this thunder is about to break my windows in my room. Lol